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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Plugin for Wordpress, Concerning Social Media

    sodomojo in Web Design

    I have a client that wants to post his blog, and have it update Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Does anybody know of a plugin that does this?

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    alexa ranking..

    jyotsna in Web Design

    hello friends.. recently my website alexa rank was 1000,300.. than even after getting backlink by sites with pr 5and 4.. the change in alexa rank was just to 999,696 from ... [read more]

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    Text over slider image- need to use transparent text?

    peterj02460 in Web Design

    I am trying to enter text to display over slider images in a website. I am using a Wordpress theme that gives me the option to display a short blurb ... [read more]

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    Can I run two WordPress installations from one database ?

    Joe Crosbie in Web Design

    Hey Everyone! I need some help when it comes to the database side of things. So I am in the middle of planning to set up a "CallofDuty" community site ... [read more]

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    Help With Pro Review Theme Feature Image

    passiveincomebiz in Web Design

    Hi Guys I am asking kindly for a little help. I have the pro review theme and I am trying to figure out how to get the feature image for ... [read more]

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    Optimizepress Problem

    EdScow in Web Design

    Hey everybody, I'm hoping someone could help me out as my brain is a bit stumped. Before I go any further, let it be noted that I have filed a ... [read more]

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    Please Help with technical how to...

    Hanle in Web Design

    Hi, I'm a hair-pulling-out-newby. Please explain to me how to go about offering a free ebook in a thank you. It seems to me you have to host the ebook ... [read more]

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    Fast Redirect

    Jdunhin in Web Design

    This code below shows how to redirect to another domain. It is easier to do it this way. The reason why is domains take time to populate the changes on ... [read more]

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    Which wp theme is this (and is it any good?).

    tekken2 in Web Design

    Hi, I saw this site and thought the theme looked good for my next project. Can anyone tell me what it is, and is it any good? Cheers! mattressesandmattresstoppers dot ... [read more]

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    Test your Web design in different browser and locations

    chrislim2888 in Web Design

    Created a new free service at LocaBrowser | Easy Web browsing from multiple locations allowing user to test the web page from different locations and emulations. Appreciate if you can ... [read more]

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    Help: Can't Remove Adsense From Under My Comment Box

    slimderek in Web Design

    Hi I own The Tech Journal -Technology, Blogging Tips, Gadgets, Mobile Tips... I have google adsense running on the blog which is hosted on blogger and i have been trying ... [read more]

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    page is semi hi-jacked how should I deal with this?

    paupshop in Web Design

    Okay, recently updated website to take it out of the 1990's. Also reorganized files and ended up with a bunch of broken links. I fixed them all. I was hovering ... [read more]

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    Please check out and review a homepage design for my new lingerie website!!!

    stevo88 in Web Design

    Hi i have recently had a new website designed for my sexy fancy dress, lingerie and adult toys website. I have been fancy dress & lingerie on ebay for some ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Theme Help

    blitz20 in Web Design

    Which wp themes look like this site I really like how clean it is. I want to use it for a different niche but like the layout.

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    Word Press Theme for Easy Reading

    Professor Chaos in Web Design

    Hi In your opinion what is the Best Word Press Theme that engages the user to read?

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    Table Borders - But Only Around The Table!

    Apollo-Articles in Web Design

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to add a thin black border around a table but only around it not within it (which happens when the change the html to: HTML Code: ... [read more]

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    Website forms

    zuleikarhizz in Web Design

    Does anybody here knows any software that creates different forms for Wordpress websites?

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    Seeking a Plugin

    ninetwosix in Web Design

    Is there a plugin available for wordpress that I can use to market products from various affiliates?

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    AnniePot in Web Design

    I need a plugin for one of my WP blogs that will allow multiple, already subscribed members to add content. In effect they will need to be able to log ... [read more]

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    How do I Reduce the Height of This Portion of the Banner?

    mrniceguy123 in Web Design

    How do I reduce the height of this part of the banner on this Wordpress site? To reduce the lower part of the banner (that contains the image of the ... [read more]

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    What extra functionality do you need for your WordPress site?

    wordpressmania in Web Design

    Hello warriors, I was thinking to make some plugins for WordPress. But the problem is I see all the plugins have already made by others So I need some unique ... [read more]

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    What's your favorite landing page theme?

    FPDesign in Web Design

    What's the best landing page around? I've heard lots about Optimize Press... What's your favorite and what makes it special? Thanks, FP

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    To Canadian Warriors: Have you heard of

    Kevin Perry in Web Design

    Hello fellow Canadian Warriors. Sorry if this is not the appropriate place, but I have a rant about domain name renewals and I didn't know where else to put it. ... [read more]

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    Need to set up system to easily copy full wp site to new domain for clients

    alcbiz in Web Design

    Can you guys show me how you handle or suggest easy quick way to move over a full wp site to a new domain? I would like to set up ... [read more]

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    Blogger - No gadget can be added

    cooler1 in Web Design

    Is anyone experiencing this problem with Blogger. When I goto the Layout page, the only thing which is displayed is the Favicon box. It doesn't have the Posts box, About ... [read more]

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    clever UI prototyping tool

    jlarkin353 in Web Design Thoughts?

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    Need Amazon Wordpress Redesign

    mtolbert in Web Design

    Do you still revamp Amazon Wordpress sites?? I have an existing Amazon site that gets traffic but no sales ( ) . I also have purchased WP Zon. Please advise. ... [read more]

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    How long to transfer this CONTENT to Wordpress?

    Colm Whelan in Web Design

    My designer has designed and coded the landing and inner pages for a new site for an accountant. I'm wondering how long it should take my VA/programmer to create the ... [read more]

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    how can i summarize the posts in this theme?

    legoog8 in Web Design

    Hello, i would liek to summarize the posts with featured image thumnail in my blog Gamesblog i have tryed the methods used for the twenty elven theme on this but ... [read more]

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    Want to build an Eye Popping Website: Flash or HTML5?

    MarketingVet09 in Web Design

    Hey guys.. I keep reading articles that "flash is dying".. or, I assume at least for mobile devices.. Which of these design tools (flash vs html5) is currently most widely ... [read more]

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    Landing page issues

    welland in Web Design

    I am designing a website myself. I was wondering how can I create a landing page for my site and still work on my website to see what it looks ... [read more]

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    foundation framework - doesn't work :(

    adamgoldman47 in Web Design

    fresh install of the framework. When I open the app.scss with ruby: sass --watch app.scss:app.css I get an error - "fail to import files a b c ..." That error ... [read more]

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    Pleasea review my website

    gamerightnow in Web Design

    Hi warrior, i have designed one page so i want you check it for me . This link Funny Games | Ben 10 games | Scooby Doo games | Sponge ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Themes

    robg1 in Web Design

    Hi all, I have a wordpress blog built with a basic wordpress theme and my question is this: Is it possible to change a theme once the website has been ... [read more]

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    Is Thesis Necessary When Getting A Custom WordPress Design?

    Kenneth L in Web Design

    Hi Warriors, My situation is basically this: I am about to invest in a custom WordPress site design to upgrade the look of my site. I am prepared to invest ... [read more]

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    Question about posting links on my site...

    Supermoves in Web Design

    Ok, so I have a news website that posts news stories from around the web. Right now, if someone shares those links or tweets out the link and someone clicks ... [read more]

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    Problems With My Wordpress Blog

    mdotwhite in Web Design

    Hey Guys. Can someone here tell me why my blog header only shows up when I use Firefox as my browser? I don't know what I'm doing wrong here, but ... [read more]

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    Can We Add Sales Page Here

    SHAB1412 in Web Design

    Hi, I wonder can we add a sales page in a WordPress page. By sales page, I mean the one that come with the PLR products. For example, I setup ... [read more]

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    what are the little things in the top left of a website tab called?

    TomBuck in Web Design

    I just don't know what their called? Or how to change them? My websites just come up as a little blank page doc.

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    Wordpress popup contact form?

    Tom Sawyer in Web Design

    Anyone know of a good wordpress popup contact form? I'd like to have a button or link on my pages that when clicked pops up an appropriate contact form (based ... [read more]

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    Capturing Emails on a WP Blog

    iRunThis in Web Design

    Hey guys, Had a quick question. I'm hoping some of you may have some knowledge on this. I am getting a new blog set up today in the "Save Money" ... [read more]

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    Problem with wordpress and CSS (nav_menus, current-menu-item)

    HenrikPoulsen in Web Design

    Hey all I'm currently working on a website for my bookkeeping website. Here I am trying to make it so that the current-menu-item is a different color than the other ... [read more]

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    My HTML text appears as an image... any ideas?

    hannahskellam in Web Design

    Hello! I have a website and I have been making it on Webplus X4. I have used a HTML text frame for my writing but when I view it ... [read more]

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    Google SERP question

    ronc0011 in Web Design

    Is there a way or tool that can find or tell where your site or page list in Google for a given keyword?

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    Google Analytics vs Awstats

    afroedo in Web Design

    hi warriors, my google analytics and Awstats are showing me different dates on my blog visitor, Awstats is high while Awstats is very low,. which of the two could be ... [read more]

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    What is wrong with my pages

    handymanstu in Web Design

    I have a problem with most of tha pages on my site. Here goes, my site is www handymenmanchester couk One of my pages is "tv wall mounting" if I ... [read more]

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    Facebook Like Bar (show faces vs. likes only)

    gwpmike in Web Design

    Anybody using the Facebook Like Bar on their website or squeeze page may have seen the new option in the Developer Platform that allows "show faces". I am wondering if ... [read more]

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    Delivery Service

    lamzoR in Web Design

    Hello, I just got bored so I made it only for fun. Adobe PS 2 hours. Click here to preview it!

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    Special Page Design - Help Needed

    RedWaterDub in Web Design

    Howdy, I am trying to make a smart index page where I have A-Z at the top and when you click a letter the contents below change to a list ... [read more]

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    Which internal links to be set "no follow"?

    shipwrecked in Web Design

    Hi, I'm setting my links as "no follow"... I have image main menu button links, but I also have status (location) text links under them pointing to the exact same ... [read more]

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    rschnier1 in Web Design

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has bought a subscirption to the web designers toolkit from iThemes? If you have can you please let me know if it was worth ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Fault? Need Help

    CTonline09 in Web Design

    Hi, I am getting the following fault on one of my affiliate sites when searching for my indexed pages in Google, this is what the meta description shows: A description ... [read more]

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    Help! Getting an error with FB Comments Plugin on WP Blog

    Rok Solid in Web Design

    Hi Warriors I just started a blog using OptimizePress and decided to use the Facebook comment plugin as one of the ways readers can comment on my posts. However, now ... [read more]

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    User behavior question when some links open in the same window while others in a new one

    sexyweb in Web Design

    Hello guys, I have a site which lists products from several online stores. For some products I place a link to their review on my site while for others, I ... [read more]

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    What is the best way to save images on my server for Page Speed?

    willyboy104 in Web Design

    Hi everyone, I am looking for ways to improve my website speed and I am looking to save images in a different way on my site as I heard that ... [read more]