Website Design

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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Need help on which WP them I could use

    villardon14 in Web Design

    Hi, I am new to Warriorforum, A friend of mine highly recommended you guys. I am trying to start my very first website. I already tried to make a couple ... [read more]

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    Which to buy: Wordpress theme builder or a single theme?

    jimsters in Web Design

    hi i cant decide which to buy either a wordpress theme which high sales on themeforest or similar, or to go with divi, avada, be, x, enfold or porto? i ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Footer Configuration

    TechMate001 in Web Design

    Hey..Friends How to allign My Pages in Footer? I' am using Wordpress In This It Showing First Second Third Fourth Widget Area I need like PayPal Footer Help Me! If ... [read more]

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    Opinions and suggestions needed here

    anujsanghvi in Web Design

    I have this website The website looks like a little 90's. I am trying to prop it up. Here is what I have done until now to make ... [read more]

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    Building websites with Profit Builder

    bigggwiggg in Web Design

    While profit builder is a cool plugin, the tutorials do not thoroughly walk you through the process of building a website using the plug in. Is anyone proficient in building ... [read more]

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    Can't logged in wordpress site after changing url for ssl

    mastura1 in Web Design

    I can't log in my wordpress site after changing site url from http to https for ssl. Plz help to solve this pblm. as I am new in seo so ... [read more]

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    Website Headers

    meetdaviddowner in Web Design

    There used to be a software package called XHeader Pro that offered hundreds of website header templates which you could then edit. Xheader Pro has long since vanished (due I ... [read more]

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    Classified ad website designing.

    suchintha in Web Design

    Hello, Please help. I want design classified ads website. I can't understand design post area. Please check this picture. My problem is mark red line in this picture.

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    Right Justificatin Issues

    moneymax in Web Design

    I am attempting to place my ebook cover on my WP site and are having issues with the items below bunching up on the left side of my ebook cover. ... [read more]

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    Picking a WordPress Website Builder

    DURABLEOILCOM in Web Design

    Looking to have a Professional WordPress Website built on a lean budget. I have zero experience using WordPress but if you needed to choose one of these Builders from Fiverr ... [read more]

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    New website, 6 weeks in. All feedback will be gratefully appreciated

    Vintage Leather in Web Design

    Hi Warriors Can anyone please give me feedback on my new site built on Shopify I have done everything myself including graphics and SEO. Getting on Google page 2-3 ... [read more]

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    This is a really dumb question -- re: WP plugin + home page set up...

    TimothyW in Web Design

    Yes -- I already asked "them" about this + got no response. Has to do with the plugin called funnel kit -- but really applies to any builder plugin -- ... [read more]

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    Website for Kids

    shaaam2007 in Web Design

    Hello Everyone ! I am looking for some useful website. Which should be used like some useful tool and service. That can be some baby play games, learning etc. If ... [read more]

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    How to approve theme on themeforest or envato

    Shani123 in Web Design

    is it easy to approve website design or wordpress theme on themeforest or any other envato platform ?

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    Forum or CMS? What is the best option for site with 50,000 categories/subforums?

    brgy in Web Design

    Hi, Here's the deal. I'm looking into building a site with 50,000: a. categories or subcategories if in a forum or b. individual pages if a CMS. Features I want: ... [read more]

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    Please review our new coupon website in terms of SEO, Design and Marketing

    swamuluk in Web Design

    Hi Warriors , Please review newly built Coupon website interms of Design, SEO And marketing. can anyone suggest me how to overcome the competition where as many of coupon website ... [read more]

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    What do before add administrator to your website

    Adamxr in Web Design

    Hello I'm hoping to give someone on fiverr the admin access to my WP website (blogs) to do some theme customization and css adjusting, and I'm feeling worry about that ... [read more]

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    Any good wordpress themes for affiliate marketing?

    ncloud in Web Design

    If you know of any good Wordpress themes for affiliate marketing, either free or paid themes, please share.

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    [FREE] Convert and edit your videos

    SJL in Web Design

    Free Video Converter Convert videos to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, FLV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, MP3, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Android, rip & burn DVD or Blu-ray, convert online videos ... [read more]

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    The Best Groupon Clone and Email Marketing for it?

    Samuel Sim in Web Design

    Hi, currently in progress of setting up a group buying website like Groupon in my city. However, need your advice for the best Groupon clone script out there in terms ... [read more]

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    Please Review My Website - Free Site Appraisal

    anr in Web Design

    Please review my site Thank You.

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    Very specific / Hostgator problem - Help!

    Johnny1975 in Web Design

    I'm having a problem with optimizepress (on 4.4.2) & Hostgator. It's a very specific problem which I'm going to try to describe as clearly as possible. I'm hoping that ... [read more]

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    Who Can Help Me Integrate Mybb Forum On My Website?

    TyrantRex in Web Design

    Hi, I had a phpbb forum on my website but it was heavily attacked by spammers and taken down. My website is an ornamental fish website which really needs a ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Bullet Point Question

    Dominatethenet in Web Design

    If you look at my page in my signature, it was more or less made for me. I can't figure out how to change the color/style of the bullet points ... [read more]

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    Why do colors look different on a website than in Gimp?

    ncloud in Web Design

    I've been trying to get my website background to be a certain dark brown color to match my header. I opened my header in Gimp (graphics program), so I can ... [read more]

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    I need a little bit of feed back

    LouisMcknight in Web Design

    First sorry if I did not post in the correct forum. I have decided to start blogging once more. How ever I can not make up my mind of what ... [read more]

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    How to do multiple buy Now packages on Same Page of WP site?

    Zaheera in Web Design

    Hi. I have a WP site and i would like to have my all packages on home page. How to do buy now options on same page like this one. ... [read more]

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    Need someone do navigation like this site

    stevesamz in Web Design

    Hey there, I am having a site that built based on IPB, but I don't want its navigation because its so simple. I want to hire a web designer do ... [read more]

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    How to create design of home page?

    boind in Web Design

    Hi. I want to change home page of my website, but have no any idea for this page design. site

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    Tips and tricks to help and secure your online work

    log69 in Web Design

    Since I am part of this community, I decided to share some of my experiences to help your everyday work on computers. Most of you might easily be familiar of ... [read more]

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    Theme problem

    oyenikeakanmu in Web Design

    Hi, I woke up one day to see the thesis theme installed on my blog disappeared,including the theme installed plugin.No more among the plugins in 'installed plugins of my wordpress ... [read more]

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    Tripadvisor layout

    Leadsupply in Web Design

    Hi warriors, It's my first time starting of a thread here in web design. I am going to work on a new project which involves lists of restaurants with menus ... [read more]

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    Namesilo to Namesilo Account Domain Transfer

    jamilkhan1700 in Web Design

    Please take it easily if I have posted this thread in a non-related category. I have several questions: My friend will transfer a domain from his Namesilo account to my ... [read more]

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    How to make this useful display?

    bijutoha in Web Design

    I've seen this display before after presentation. I just need drag right to left, left to right. Anyone say something, What is it called? How to make? Thanks in ... [read more]

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    How to Remove Opencart Version Returns

    teamcrunk in Web Design

    Does anyone know how to remove this god damn Feature? Ive tried everything, all the help is from old versions like 1.5 and 2. none of these features work in ... [read more]

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    How to get site visitor to bulk add items to cart in Amazon

    s3alax in Web Design

    Hi all, I run an affiliate site on Wordpress and am currently using EasyAzon to send people to Amazon through text links on my site. I also use affiliate links ... [read more]

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    Buy Holidays

    Limpozzyfan in Web Design

    Hi I am new here I have just created a website for the first time. The website is a package holiday comparison website for the UK and I would love ... [read more]

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    Minimal Website with ProPhoto5

    karenintheWF in Web Design

    I love this site look - MinkMaids » MinkMaids It requires a purchase of the design, Prophoto5, and Photoshop. I am not a photographer this will be a parenting consulting/workshop ... [read more]

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    Magento Commerce Development

    ryankenny in Web Design

    Why Prefer Magento As the most excellent Ecommerce Platform?

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    About hosting

    BobanV in Web Design

    Hi guys, I post few days ago about getting website from my client: The problem is I quite don't know the procedure how to transfer files, or hosting or ... [read more]

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    Which Color Scheme Looks The Best?

    I have a website which I cannot decide the best color scheme and although I've narrowed it down to 2 different schemes I could use you guy's expert opinions on ... [read more]

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    Alternative Web-Design Practice ?

    Jammy123 in Web Design

    Hi everyone, Do you know any alternative web design Practice site of w3schools. Where you Practice web-design ?

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    How can I create this video?

    moimeme in Web Design

    Hi all, I tried a couple of paid websites to create a marketing video, but I couldn't create something similar to this Can anyone tell me what is the exact ... [read more]

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    Growth Hack or giving back?

    andrewmichaelsa in Web Design

    Hi All We are running a little growth hack experiment and would appreciate your feedback. We put together a spreadsheet of the common ad sizes we use and thought it ... [read more]

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    Please review my site's design

    aadi1295 in Web Design

    Hey Warriors, I made this script myself in ASP.Net MVC5 and it's URL is (MobileSite Demo), can you guys Please review the design of this site. Note: All the data ... [read more]

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    Optimize Press JVZoo Integration....Help!

    halfsaint in Web Design

    Hello Guys I wonder if you could help me out, I'm desperate! I'm trying to integrate my optimize press website which users the optimize member plugin with JVZoo and i'm ... [read more]

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    what do you think of Video blog vs normal Blog?

    Devilfish168 in Web Design

    I heard video blog can rank quite well???

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    converting html site to wordpress

    lifestyles in Web Design

    I have html site that i need to convert to WP and also make it mobile friendly. are they any ready software to do this ? thanks

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    copy a site's html?

    applegreensnake in Web Design

    there's a site doing a job in a different niche to mine. i want to build a site that does the same thing, but in my niche. i understand it's ... [read more]

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    Youtube video to play on scroll...?

    Adnan99 in Web Design

    So, I've built a site using InstaBuilder 2.0. It's a wordpress site. I've embedded a Youtube video on the site, and the video, is a third of the way down ... [read more]

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    Is WordPress the best website for SEO?

    Bandyman85 in Web Design

    I am considering switching my current website over to WordPress to help increase my organic rankings for some specific keywords. Planning on using seo plugin by yoast to help as ... [read more]

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    how to build a site

    awww1some in Web Design

    I how could i get a site like this. I have no idea how to do it.

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    Banner not displaying on landing page

    Stephen Williams in Web Design

    Good morning (again) For you tech guys out there that have a much better understanding of html and websites then I currently do. Could you help me out with something. ... [read more]

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    Bootstrap Sales Page

    enjamulahsan in Web Design

    Yesterday I was looking for creating a sales page for my product. I was thinking about which platform i can use it for creating a sales page. I was searching ... [read more]

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    Website design domain

    bhagyesh in Web Design

    Website design is a need to attract visitor increse your traffic on your website you can select cheaper domain nameDomain Promo Codes

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    WordPress Theme creator Recommendation ?

    DavisBrown in Web Design

    If you have to choose among these WordPress creators like "Lubith", "Ultimatum", "WP Theme Generator", "TemplateToaster" and "iThemes". Then which one you will choose. Go through these frameworks and express ... [read more]