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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Logo Business Partnership

    logodesignbiz in Web Design

    Hello All, I realize this is my first post here, when in fact it is not. I have been in and around warrior and other internet marketing forums for some ... [read more]

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    SEO Friendly Design

    balakarthi in Web Design

    Hey guys! I am designing a website now, but the SEO folks want the design should be SEO friendly... They suggest me some factors. If you people share your thoughts ... [read more]

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    Review my Social bookmarking site

    warrich in Web Design

    last week i make a new website Dofollow Social Bookmarking and add importent stuff in my website now i need Honest Review All of you Thanks in Advanced

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    can you please review my decent wallpaper site

    warrich in Web Design

    My website is new little over few day old, and i just upload 300k Wallpapers you can Download Free wallpapers, Cars wallpaper, Computers wallpapers, windows wallpapers, mobiles wallpapers, computer wallpapers, ... [read more]

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    joomla question - can you help

    yianni in Web Design

    hi i have a client i do seo for; they have site in joomla and want the image that is above their top of page menu changed can you please ... [read more]

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    How to add a second menu bar?

    Theory5 in Web Design

    Ok, so I finally found a good free theme due to budget constraints, but there are a few problems. The most prevelent problem is that there is only one menu ... [read more]

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    Radio station online: how does "mms" protocol work?

    Big26ht in Web Design

    Hi Warriors, As a webmaster, I'd like to know how to put a radio station online using the "mms" protocol (ex. mms://12.345.678.90/TheRadio). I came to googling, but I couldn't find ... [read more]

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    Legal compliance for website with paypal

    g4r3th in Web Design

    Are there any legal obligations regarding legal notices, disclaimers, that kind of thing when adding a paypal link to your own UK website. Thanks.

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    Website Design + Thoughts Overall? We'll review yours back!

    MagicShovels in Web Design

    We did a bit of a website revamp for and we're looking to get some feedback on first impressions and overall design. Website meant to be targeted towards agencies/companies/individuals ... [read more]

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    WP "Home" page, shows as "" shouldn't it be the domain with the "home" extension?

    Dano1981 in Web Design

    hello warriors, hope your day/ eve is good! should a theme have both a ? Mine has both? This is at least the second or third WP theme ... [read more]

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    Aparatus V2 Broken after attempting to add adsense

    Theory5 in Web Design

    Ok so I purchased the Aparatus V2 theme for wordpress from (the authors site) and I set about making my website look better. The problem is I wasn't pay ... [read more]

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    Thesis custom page templates

    beltane in Web Design

    I need some help with creating a custom page template in thesis. Basically I'm trying to keep everything the same (including several custom functions hooked it) but remove the sidebars. ... [read more]

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    Send form data to email question

    timpears in Web Design

    I tried to get some help in the programming forum, but too technical and no real answers. Maybe I will have more luck here, I hope. I have been spending ... [read more]

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    IE default favicon missing from all my sites?

    markv in Web Design

    Can anyone help me to get the default IE and Firefox favicons showing up on my sites. I cant get either of these favicons to show up on any of ... [read more]

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    WWW or without WWW

    musclenatural in Web Design

    My site pr=2 has all pages indexed without the www version . It is also ranking good for many urls. Should I redirect naked domain to www one or should ... [read more]

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    Swap Right Sidebar to A Left Sidebar

    Apollo-Articles in Web Design

    Hey Everyone, I am currently creating a website in Wordpress, and have created a "simple sidebar plugin" the only problem is the sidebar is showing up on the right side ... [read more]

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    How much to pay for WordPress installation?

    xtrapunch in Web Design

    Hi warriors, I am being selfish . I want to learn from your experience so here are a few questions for you. How much do you pay or will you ... [read more]

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    $$$ Anyone looking to buy banner space in forex?

    ak2000 in Web Design

    Hi, I'm looking to buy banner space on forex sites, blogs, etc Fairly flexible in terms of location and contract length You don't need to own a massive / high ... [read more]

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    Editing a wordpress theme

    Raindance in Web Design

    I want to add a widget to all my pages and the theme I use displays a slideshow on the index page. I want to be able to add a ... [read more]

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    How to move your wordpress site to a new hosting account?

    hashif16 in Web Design

    Helo warriors, Many people are making money selling websites, i also have a wordpres website..but don"t know the process .. can warriors help me..? Thanks, Harsh

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    What do you think of my sales page and design?

    FreshMedia in Web Design

    I would really like your opinion of the design and sales copy. I don't like long sales pages, so I kept it short and simple. This is my first product ... [read more]

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    Images of other peoples creations.

    Dist in Web Design

    Where does the law stand on using other peoples images when marketing? For example, if I were advertising an ebook about 'How to build a car', am I allowed to ... [read more]

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    Any free or an inexpensive logo maker?

    satrap in Web Design

    Does anyone know of any free or not very expensive logo maker? I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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    Benefits in Redesigning a website

    alferied in Web Design

    What are the benefits in redesigning a website?

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    Wordpress widget for latest posts?

    ak2000 in Web Design

    Hi, is there a nice wordpress widget / plugin that shows the latest posts to the right of the site with the time they were posted? Thank you

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    Graphic Design Enhances Visual Attraction

    kevinfelixlee in Web Design

    Graphic design has now become mandatory for the web sites. Why is it so? Can the website be without the graphics? Some of the reasons for this are as follows. ... [read more]

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    Help Figuring Out Where Domain Name Was Bought

    Tjmcnich in Web Design

    Hey guys, I'm trying to redo my friends website... unfortunately he isn't sure where he bought the domain name... Is there a way to find this information out? We need ... [read more]

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    Can you look at my site and critique it?

    nikeman070 in Web Design

    I need some constructive criticism... Ask any questions... MY strategy what I plan, if you need this information just ask.. I would like to get feedback because I am putting ... [read more]

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    Wordpress: How do I get rid of the big theme name at the top of the page?

    steadypay in Web Design

    So I found a theme which I like other than that it has a big banner of it's name 'Warmth' plastered at the top which I either want to get ... [read more]

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    How to decrypt encrypted html code?

    skyvia in Web Design

    Hello I encrypted html code using online tool few months ago and now i forgot that site so i want to decrypt that encrypted html code...Please help

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    HTML to Wordpress

    coryanne in Web Design

    I was wondering if anyone knows a script / easy way to transfer an HTML site to wordpress?

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    How can I add a widget to the index page, not the sidebar in wordpress?

    Raindance in Web Design

    I want to add a widget to the index page of my site. I don't want it in the side bar. I want it to be right below the header ... [read more]

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    Redesigning my website

    Theory5 in Web Design

    OK so I have a blog (sig) and I realized that I have been doing it all wrong. I was putting bland information in my blog instead of ideas and ... [read more]

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    Free "Sales Page" Wordpress Theme

    SteveFinch in Web Design

    If you find yourself in need of a sales page, related to the health niche, but above all designed for wordpress, feel free to grab this one. I've created it ... [read more]

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    top menu not appearing

    coolspot in Web Design

    i have taken a fancy to a joomla! template that in using on 2 different sites now, but the thing is i cant get the top menu to work on ... [read more]

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    Change photo size in Market Theme?

    robofox in Web Design

    Is it possible to change the photo size restrictions in the image uploader for pages in market theme? Example: The thumbnail image is restricted to (150x150) can it be changed ... [read more]

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    100 Useful And Detailed CSS3 Tutorials And Techniques

    fergsi in Web Design

    Have you tried several times to find some CSS3 tutorials on a specific topic? Here you go. A lot of articles. This is a sorted list of CSS3 tutorials on ... [read more]

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    Tell me your thoughts on this Site

    Andre Slater in Web Design

    Tell me what you think...

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    Tracking Blog Traffic?

    goin4it in Web Design

    I am new to this so please be kind if this is a stupid question...My site is built in Drupal and during the course of some site revamping my designer ... [read more]

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    ad placement guide for increase clicks

    anguthywali in Web Design

    friends i have a blog and i have 300 visitors but unfortunately i have no clicks on my adds plz visit my blog and give me ur grate adevice about ... [read more]

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    Putting a linked banner in a Wordpress column

    terryrayburn in Web Design

    Can you put a linked banner in a Wordpress column by simply putting the code in a text widget? I'm doing that, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm just ... [read more]

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    Corresponding With Distant Clients

    Mattds in Web Design

    Hi all. I am designing a website for an associate who lives in Australia (I'm in the UK) and am finding it difficult to have a fluid conversation about the ... [read more]

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    Wordpress: why do some of the custom themes only show a post tease?

    steadypay in Web Design

    On another site I wanted post tease and didn't have it by default but on this new site with another theme I don't want it and the tease seems to ... [read more]

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    from to

    Raindance in Web Design

    How do I change the url of my site from to even when i prefix www to it and open, it still goes back to just "". How ... [read more]

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    can anyone explain website flipping please.

    sim4 in Web Design

    Please Warrior What is website flipping? How can i do website flipping? How do i make money from website flipping? Please i will like any free tutorial on this subject. ... [read more]

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    cPanel Query

    anislagan in Web Design

    Hi! I'm relatively new to cPanel. Before, I've done most of my website configuration via linux command line. My question is, if you have done a cPanel full backup on ... [read more]

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    What's wrong with my new website?

    BigMarv in Web Design

    I recently created a new website for the fitness community. On the site, I sell P90X, INSANITY, and other Beachbody products. Could you Warriors please take a look at the ... [read more]

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    Nofollow/Dofollow Detection?

    kaytav in Web Design

    Hi i want to know the best and some easy method to detect that the forum / site /blog is NOFOLLOW or DOFOLLOW . Suggest me any tool or any ... [read more]

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    Newbie Needs Help With SEO!

    goin4it in Web Design

    My website offers searchable listings to find heath care providers. My listings include the city and state of providers...which will and have been crawled. Is there a way that I ... [read more]

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    Thesis Theme and Javascript...why does this not work?

    GeorgR. in Web Design

    On my old (non thesis) site i had a wordpress post with a simple form which used simple math functions from a script. I simply put Code: <p><script type="text/javascript" src="http://www. ... [read more]

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    rob1985 in Web Design

    Hi, I think I am going to have a go at learning a little about how to use photoshop. The first question I have is Where do people go to ... [read more]

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    Need Help Choosing Server Type

    goin4it in Web Design

    Hello Everyone, First of all let me say that I am new to WF or any forums for that matter. I am also very excited to be surrounded by such ... [read more]

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    How Important is color choice for sites and blogs.

    oda in Web Design

    G'day I'm Just putting up a new blog and I was trying to decide on color. Everything else is done and the blog is live I just can't settle on ... [read more]

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    Why is wordpress remmeebring my edits even after I delete and reload a new style.css file?

    steadypay in Web Design

    I was trying to move the sidebar in the style.css file as per some instructions and it didn't work. It screwed up the page so I deleted the whole theme ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Plugin That Will Insert Custom HTML Into Top Of Posts/Pages?

    IM nice guy in Web Design

    Please please, if anyone knows of a plugin that will enable me to quickly add html code to all my posts/pages across my whole blog, preferably at multiple places within ... [read more]

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    new domain keeps disappearing

    sniper34d in Web Design

    Hi guys, Just a quick heads up required. I registered a new domain yesterday and changed nameservers and installed it on my hosing. Installed wordpress. The site has show the ... [read more]