Website Design

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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    3D Websites/ Web Design

    jackson141 in Web Design

    I want to know your views and ideas for 3D Websites? 3D TV and Cinema have begun to catch on big time. So how long will it be before 3D ... [read more]

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    Registered my first site/blog

    Kelsen in Web Design

    Please give your opinion/'s my first site so don't expect too much of it. The "Get instant acces" button doesn't do what it should do..i'm working on that. Any ... [read more]

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    Changing Title in Header

    intmark5 in Web Design

    How do I center the title name in the header and change the color?

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    Does XAMPP require a Windows platform (on Windows 7)?

    coykiesaol in Web Design

    Hello, I am trying to install XAMPP on Windows 7 for first time. Do I need a "platform," such as Visual Studio 2010? Thanks for any answer!

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    Looking for headers

    robertorod in Web Design

    I am looking for headers for a landing page conveying the idea of FREE / GRATIS. Does anyone know where I can find to purchase of course. If not, I ... [read more]

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    No Fantastico on My cpanel

    cozens in Web Design

    I want to install a blog on my domain but the cpanel does not have Fantastico on it.How do I go about the installation? I need help please.

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    My Second WordPress Theme. Too much red

    I just created a WP theme, but do you think there may be too much red in it ? Your opinion would be welcomed . . .

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    WP site issue, can annyone help? with "home" page somehow tied in a another page on my site?

    Dano1981 in Web Design

    hello warriors, If someone can help me I would sincerely appreciate it I have a bit of a problem I'm using the "zindi-ii" theme My domain is(example) todaysdating. com My ... [read more]

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    Need Website Help with a Forum

    robinincarolina in Web Design

    I have been doing affiliate marketing now for almost 2 years, my slow boat to riches. I have an opportunity to take it to the next level sort of tossed ... [read more]

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    Images WP plugin

    cyoung75 in Web Design

    Hi I am looking for a very simple image plugin for wordpress. All I want to do is display an image on my posts and when you click on it, ... [read more]

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    Wordpress-Add Autoresponder Question

    dpwilliams in Web Design

    Hello, I'm stuck. I've worked with Wordpress for years but I'm stumped on this... I'm trying to add my Aweber sign-up form. I know how to create the form in ... [read more]

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    Displaying all images within a folder

    skyvia in Web Design

    I believe I have a simple question... On my website will be various folders and within each folder will be anywhere from 1-10 images and/or pdf files. Is there a ... [read more]

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    Mozilla 4 RC

    fazlerocks in Web Design

    Hello Warriors! Mozilla has released the first Firefox 4 RC this week. I have already downloaded it. It seems to be nice and faster than Chrome!! Whats your stand on ... [read more]

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    Setting Up WP Blog, I am confussed.

    commonjoe in Web Design

    I am setting up a new blog. I have uploaded a theme. It has catagories, a search box, archives, and links on the right site of the page. How can ... [read more]

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    All my WordPress sites running painfully slow

    UdayDileep in Web Design

    All my WordPress sites running painfully slow. My hosting service is bluehost. Is it any hosting problem. I am thinking of going for Dedicated server. Please suggest me will this ... [read more]

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    wp theme similar to DYD?

    blue_sky in Web Design

    Hi, I am looking for a theme (premium, paid, free) which somehow resembles DYD (Official Double Your Dating | David DeAngelo's Double Your Dating) I think its a custom made ... [read more]

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    Free Graphics

    Jimnick in Web Design

    Can anyone tell me where I can get free graphics from?

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    What do you use to build your site? Wordpress, Joomla, XsitePro?

    Benjamin Eddy in Web Design

    Hey guys, I am wondering what everyone uses to make their sites. What type of cms do you guys find the most helpful. I have been looking at Xsitepro and ... [read more]

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    Simple CSS Question

    Vcize in Web Design

    I'm having some trouble with something really simple. I'm just trying to get some bullet points to show up when I use a list. I can't figure out why it's ... [read more]

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    Dynamic Nav Menu - Please Help

    GrayGandalf in Web Design

    Hi, I am building a website for a friend using WP. I am trying to customize the nav so that the active tab (of the page the visitor is on) ... [read more]

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    Help Please

    mike gregory in Web Design

    Could someone on here help me please? I need a template coded correctly so that it can then be edited in dreamweaver the site is HERE I have already got ... [read more]

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    Free Hosting Codes For First Month!

    yougpeter in Web Design

    Hello, Here's the HostGator July coupons Hostgator coupons :HostGatorJulycoupon Hostgator coupons :HostGatorJulycoupon1 Hostgator coupons :HostGatorJulycoupon2 Hostgator coupons :HostGatorJulycoupon3 1.HostGator Coupon Code :8887678378 2.HostGator Coupon Code :2243524454 3.HostGator Coupon Code :6473635466 ... [read more]

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    Do you prefer 100% width or a "box" look?

    DavidO in Web Design

    I've always liked my websites with 100% width headers, footers and white space in between. All that white space looks clean and expansive compared to the boxy look of a ... [read more]

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    review my blog please

    cjenks222 in Web Design

    My first time IM and made my first blog How To Lose Belly Fat As Fast As Humanly Possible i have added adsense and clickbank and stuck on what to ... [read more]

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    Please Review My Site

    bone199 in Web Design

    Hi Warrior, Can you review my site? I bought this site and currently under development. I will be fully operate in April 2011. Hope you could help me out.

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    Which Wordpress theme for a website not a blog?

    patrick99 in Web Design

    Hi Could someone recommend a wordpress theme which is suitable for a website not a blog. All themes seem to look and feel as a blog. Thanks

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    Changing Wordpress theme Colour

    Adewale Adewumi in Web Design

    Hello, I have a wordpress site. However i intend to change the background color from white to green. How can i execute the change? Please can anyone help me out. ... [read more]

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    Help please - Graphic link in WP widget

    terryrayburn in Web Design

    I'm trying to put a banner in a WP sidebar text widget. Here's the form I'm using: <a href=”http://ASITE.COM”><img src=”http://PHOTO.jpg”></a> It comes up in the sidebar as just a generic ... [read more]

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    help with forum please

    coolspot in Web Design

    hi i was wondering if i could get some feedback on a forum im trying to put together. its my first forum, and my mind is frazzled with the categories ... [read more]

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    Love to learn!

    mike gregory in Web Design

    OK guys i've been online now for a few years and can work my way around wordpress with ease. However I have very basic html knowledge Whenever it came to ... [read more]

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    how can i improve my site?

    coolspot in Web Design

    i have been working on this site for a few weeks now, and i kinda like it, but i was wondering what your opinions might be? its come to a ... [read more]

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    Need help with my Wordpress Blog

    warrior4life in Web Design

    Hey warriors, I have a blog which you can find here: How To Create Passive Income Fortune 1. I am looking for some ideas on how to effectively monetize it. ... [read more]

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    What is a good DHTML pulldown menu?

    skyvia in Web Design

    I need a good DHTML pulldown menu. Must fit the following criteria... 1. Must be cross-browser compatible (IE, netscape, FireFox) 2. Must have two different layouts: horizontal AND vertical. VERTICAL ... [read more]

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    How to Take a Wordpress Blog to the Next Level

    Lambert Klein in Web Design

    I'm looking for some tips, techniques, plugins or whatever to improve on Wordpress blogs. Things that will help it rank better, attract visitors and make it a more interesting blog. ... [read more]

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    Create tag Cloud

    marniel647 in Web Design

    hey guys i just want to create a tag cloud but i dont know how to done this... and also when user click the tag cloud it will go to ... [read more]

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    3 Reasons why wordpress is King>? Let's hear em people!!!

    club20coaching in Web Design

    With CMS being an absolute critical part of web development I want your top 3 reasons why Word-press is the best CMS available.

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    Review on My master computer WebSite Design

    dellingter in Web Design

    Hi,Here Is My new Website... Please tell Me Do You Like My Website design If You want To See any change in design Please let me Know Computer Repair london

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    Having trouble with css

    Tim45 in Web Design

    Hi Warriors, I,m new at css and I'm having a problem with the layout of my site. I moved the sidebars and content around and now I can't get the ... [read more]

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    Finding Good Website Designers

    Davy44 in Web Design

    Why is it so hard to find mid range website designers? What is out there are a few high end designers and a lot of designers who do sub-standard jobs. ... [read more]

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    Website Running Really Slow ??

    123davelee in Web Design

    can anyone suggest or help me anyway you can on this matter please? I am using Wordpress for my blog: Container Homes and it is taking way too long to ... [read more]

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    Need to embed YT Video in Wordpress

    tonicemarketing in Web Design

    I posted this in the programmers section but think it might need to be here. Hello, I need to embed a youtube video into a wordpress theme. I don't need ... [read more]

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    Exact Match Domain (EDM) Question

    art72 in Web Design

    Never mind...stupid question, deleted by Art72

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    Anyone who can slice an image to create a new template??

    mike gregory in Web Design

    Hey, i have an image that i have taken from an existing site of mine i have uploaded it into photoshop not being the most technical of users im a ... [read more]

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    Looking for word press product theme

    hezell1989 in Web Design

    i need a theme similar to this one Edu Backlink Building | Get Edu Backlinks | Buy Edu Links can anyone help me out? Thanks

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    animated water ripples in graphic

    tigertale in Web Design

    I am creating a site for a Lake Management Organization. What they "think" they want is a photo of the lake with the water animated to show movement. Has anyone ... [read more]

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    What is the best popup or popoveer plugin for wordpress?

    ProfitwithAdam in Web Design

    I have several sites that have a static optin form, but want to put a popup or popover plugin on those blog sites to increase optin. Does anyone know of ... [read more]

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    Need help with good WP theme...

    Dwight Anthony in Web Design

    Warriors that are successful with this, please reply. Here's my conundrum. I would like to start building a few niche sites but would like a good theme with developer license. ... [read more]

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    URGENT Help Needed Please - How To Create Custom Wordpress Homepage in Existing Theme?!

    SmartSuccess in Web Design

    URGENT Help Needed Please - How To Create Custom Wordpress Homepage in Existing Theme?! Hi All I have been going over and over the files within editor of wordpress ... [read more]

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    URGENT Help Needed Please - How To Create Custom Wordpress Homepage in Existing Theme?!

    SmartSuccess in Web Design

    Hi All I have been going over and over the files within editor of wordpress admin and trying stuff... The theme I use is as follows... You can see ... [read more]

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    Uhoh I messed up re-WP, adsense ad size

    Darla Kay in Web Design

    Ok, I lost focus! I had this great plan, one project. Kept reading about blogging/adsense etc. and decided that it sounded good to me. So, today I decided to create ... [read more]

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    Flexsqueeze invalid value error

    MagicMonkey in Web Design

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone has had this before. Not had a problem with my WP flexsqueeze theme, but have decided to update my header logo. when I go ... [read more]

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    Search by letter

    tish_lynn02 in Web Design

    How do I add a search function to my website that has all the letters of the alphabet listed and allows me to search by the first letter of the ... [read more]

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    How To Add Copy Doodles To HTML page?

    Mirnova in Web Design

    Hi folks, I'm trying to add doodles to my copy... trouble is I can't get it to look right with a page that's centered. I was using layers with dreamweaver, ... [read more]

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    Comments are not visible! Pls Advice!

    MervikHaums in Web Design

    Hello, I had no problems displaying the comments on the home page till last week. From a few days its not displaying any comments on the home page. Any help ... [read more]

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    Slight HTML problem here help please!

    mike gregory in Web Design

    And thanks in advance this section of the forum has helped out soo much in the past few weeks thanks Problem now solved thanks

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    Guess this keyboard issue riddle for me plz

    jlmc2 in Web Design

    What does this keyboard issue mean? I'm trying to get a vertical line and a backslash on a keyboard that doesn't have them. Until recently I was able to do ... [read more]