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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    $20 to fix your web problems. Free for next 3 days

    hamburglar in Web Design

    Hey guy's, So all my client work is complete and thought I would help out anyone that needs assistance on their web projects. I can do anything under the web ... [read more]

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    Please Help I Need to get this fixed CSS Problem!

    Ricky Dawn in Web Design

    Hello, I have the theme closer look from theme forest, I have followed all the documentation correctly and I am getting no reply from the theme creator. Basically the website ... [read more]

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    Looking to port a html site over to WP

    Zeb in Web Design

    Info : Site is already built, designs all done etc...just want to change to WP cms. Since the site is done and you are not required to start from scratch, ... [read more]

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    Online image size/crop tool

    tomcam in Web Design

    Hoping to find a single online image editing app that will:Let me resize images Let me resample them (leave the size intact but produce a smaller image using lower resolution ... [read more]

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    Web Design Company Offers Website Design at Affordable Rates

    dotcomhouse in Web Design

    Dotcom house is a professional Website designing and development company located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu ,India. We have over 5 years of experience in web design and SEO Services, PHP ... [read more]

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    Adam Roy in Web Design

    I have a simple machines forum attached to a domain. I want to add my google analytics code to it, but I have to manually put it into the template.index.php ... [read more]

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    Latest web designing trends of 2010

    michealcdz in Web Design

    1. Add headers to logos to make the current website attractive. 2. Try using large fonts instead of small or regular sized fonts. 3. Modal boxes are gaining much popularity ... [read more]

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    Best Open source CMS on

    sunnysbt in Web Design

    Can anyone knows the best Open Source CMS available on, if yes than pls tell..

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    Squeeze Page Dilema

    Braveheart2009 in Web Design

    Hi, Does anyone know how to insert there own video into a pre-made template? I know the height and width have to be the same so it won't overlap, but ... [read more]

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    Has Anyone Built any Killer Sites in HTML 5 Yet

    OrganicSeoGuru in Web Design

    Just wondering if anyone would like to showcase any of their work, I have only spent a few days going over the briefs of the benefits, but have not had ... [read more]

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    Looking for a program that updates websites

    onefreekiwinz in Web Design

    Doe's anyone know of a good program where by you can ad your websites to but when updating you can click once and all your websites will be updated with ... [read more]

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    Wordpress 3.0 Questions

    Ken Durham in Web Design

    So I've been busy busting butt the past couple of days converting a Wordpress install into my PC Games Download section. I have definitely learned a lot about the inner ... [read more]

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    Free Web hosting Domain real deal

    wealthmoneyaffy in Web Design

    Hi everyone, Glad to be here , This is my first post , anyways , if anyone haven't heard anything yet , id like to see if anyone love to ... [read more]

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    Changes in templates.

    Izerman in Web Design

    Hi! I'm using a template to build my website and i want to make it "wider"? But cant figure out how to do it. Would be very greatful for advice. ... [read more]

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    Honest Feedback.

    Sun777 in Web Design

    Looking for some honest feedback on a site I put up recently about kids cookbooks. I am using it mainly to drive people to Amazon to purchase kids cookbooks. I ... [read more]

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    web design

    sonia99 in Web Design

    Instant Video Articles Review Video articles are a great way to generate traffic back to your website because they capture readers attention using sight and sound. Compare this to a ... [read more]

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    [Ask] Cute Twitter Graphics Website

    Sarah Harvey in Web Design

    Well I have a problem... Once upon a time I decided I want to create a cool twitter site that revolved around all the different graphics you can get for ... [read more]

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    Webmaster familiar with SBI

    marymac in Web Design

    I'm looking for someone familiar with SBI to help with adding new content and updating information. It's a site I've had up for about 3 years now and has about ... [read more]

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    What Is This Design On Squidoo Page?

    Boris_yo in Web Design

    Take a look at: As you scroll page, you will see these: How do they code Squidoo lenses in such way? Do they use CSS when building lenses on ... [read more]

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    Web Site Evaluation

    pjbmarketing in Web Design

    I launched my site about a year ago. In the beginning, the site was getting a few hundred unique visits each month. Now, I'm getting over 5K unique visits a ... [read more]

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    How to wrap text in html

    Caragui in Web Design

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you have any ideas how to wrap text around an adsense ad in html? Let's say the ad is 350 x 200 box. How ... [read more]

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    Unable to upload a PHP script to wordpress blog

    AaronSpinelli in Web Design

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble uploading a php script I got from the war room. I copied the file, pasted it into notepad, then saved it as seo.php.txt. Next, I ... [read more]

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    Exit Pop Ups

    sdzh in Web Design

    Hi I'll take my intimidatingly large first step here with a question regarding exit pop ups that are commonly found on squeeze pages. You know the type - just as ... [read more]

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    My site hacked! But how?

    MervikHaums in Web Design

    Hey guys, I was troubled a few days before with a trojan in my wp blog. So i deleted everything from the server and re-installed it. So it was working ... [read more]

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    Free Templates Wanted

    Searchedterms in Web Design

    Hi, Anybody knows where i can find Free DatingPro templates,the basic ones are crap. Thanks

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    Design advice on static bgd and scrolling site

    Vince Courtney in Web Design

    I would like help on how to achieve a static bgd and have the page scroll over top like this example Araxi | Whistler BC Thanks in advance for any ... [read more]

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    Hey i need your answer!

    decadance in Web Design

    is it nowadays many different browser has troubled you in designing a website? :confused: or let's say, CSS-ing..? what's browser do you guys used a lot?

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    Video: How to set up custom domain at

    Techie Turtle in Web Design

    Some people didn't know that you can set up at and essentially have it hosted there for free! No more! I made a short, step-by-step, how-to video ... [read more]

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    Wordpress blog question and search results

    XXXXXXXX in Web Design

    I am a newby. I have just put up my first wordpress blog and got it indexed. Google has taken part of one of the articles for the site description ... [read more]

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    StudioPress Church Theme -- Error Message: Stylesheet Missing

    ijohnson in Web Design

    Please help me resolve an issue involving the StudioPress Church Theme. Now, I have the complete set of StudioPress Templates in a zip file. I opened the zip file and ... [read more]

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    WordPress Music Player

    osegoly in Web Design

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a wordpress widget/plugin that could achieve a static music player similar to the one on the following website: Aaron Cadwaladr (the one up on ... [read more]

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    Aweber Dreamweaver help needed.

    avetiquette in Web Design

    I just started using Dreamweaver. I'm trying to get my Aweber webform on my site using Javascript. It doesn't seem to be working. I can use the HTML version from ... [read more]

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    what would you call the twitter design style

    agc in Web Design

    In discussing one of our upcoming website's design, I was at a loss to convey the concept of the current trend in graphic design such as twitter, or the iphone. ... [read more]

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    Wordpress URL append

    andreypod in Web Design

    Hi All, I'm trying to pass the keyword that it used to land on my wordpress site to my form but can't seem to get it to work. Here is ... [read more]

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    dave3000 in Web Design

    Hi guys! if you want to have hundreds of people competiting for having their work on the design of your website getting chosen by you for few hundreds box go ... [read more]

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    Need Help Enlarging PayPal BUY Button

    ijohnson in Web Design

    I have inserted the PayPal "Buy" Button into my Sales Page but I want to enlarge it. I would like to double the size of it and make it much ... [read more]

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    Please help with Wordpress meta tags

    AlphaWarrior in Web Design

    I have a static wordpress site and I simply want each page to have a title, keywords, and meta description that I give it. I have tried the plugins Page ... [read more]

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    Changing Comments colors with Artisteer?

    perryny in Web Design

    I created my Wordpress theme using Artisteer. When viewing comments on my page (ICC University Blog), I can't figure out for the life of me where to change the background ... [read more]

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    I Give Up - Warrior needed to help with blog design!

    bjallen in Web Design

    I have tried for a week and I have used 3 different templates to try and get my blog to look the way I want it to. I bought the ... [read more]

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    How Can I Make An HTML File Out Of PDF?

    sc21287 in Web Design

    Hi, I was wondering how can I transfer a PDF document to HTML then upload it to my site? I looked all over google, downloaded these software programs, but they ... [read more]

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    Studio Press Question adding Google Analytics

    Steve Wells in Web Design

    Within the Studio Press WP admin, I have a Google Analytics option, but when I go to it, it says Important: Use the legacy urchin.js script, not the ga.js. Now ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Paragraph Spacing Question

    richjerk321 in Web Design

    When I create "pages" on my wordpress site, they work fine, and the space between each paragraph is correct. But when I create "posts" and put spaces between paragraphs, and ... [read more]

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    Free and nice web template for website and minisite

    aridz in Web Design

    Hi, I know there are many website templates can be obtained online. However, do you know which sites offering nice template. One of them I found is anvisionwebtemplates . com ... [read more]

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    Simple Cart Store for Blogger Issues

    Teez in Web Design

    Hi Guys I've been trying to take my blog to the next level with a professional looking shopping store and apparently simplecart is the easiset to use best for blogger ... [read more]

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    Editing My Blog Title

    Epicurus in Web Design

    Hello Warriors. I would like to change the title in my blog so that the start of each word begins with a capital letter, at the moment the theme I'm ... [read more]

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    Problem with pictures

    Izerman in Web Design

    Hi I've run into a problem with the pictures of my website. When i preview the site, the pictures has moved around.(they are not in the place i put them) ... [read more]

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    Looking for someone to create landing pages

    Rhia in Web Design

    I am looking for someone to either make some landing pages for some sites or someone who will teach me how to make good landing pages. I would prefer learning. ... [read more]

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    Inaccessible Wordpress Blog

    Melodican in Web Design

    Hey Folks.... I created a blog on my own hosted Wordpress installation... On the general settings under "settings", for some reason the name was changed from, to, Now ... [read more]

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    Problem with wordpress deleting iframe html code

    ~kev~ in Web Design

    Does anyone else have this problem of a self hosted wordpress blog deleting iframe codes? The main problem is amazon product banners. I can go to amazon, get a product ... [read more]

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    Database Crashed

    sulmaanaslam in Web Design

    Hey there guys my website is Pakdvd | Watch Latest Megavideo Movies & Tv Shows While creating a subdomain through cpanel wizard it some how crashed my website's database which ... [read more]

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    My First Website. Some Questions!

    mranonymous in Web Design

    Hi: I am by no means a graphic designer or web designer. However, I decided to build a small 4-page site using Dreamweaver and trial-and-error methods. Please don't be too ... [read more]

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    Problems with different browser versions

    JoMo in Web Design

    I am still relatively new to web design. I have been having trouble with older browser versions (IE 6 and 7 mostly) not displaying positioning correctly. I check my work ... [read more]

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    Font size: % or px?

    DavidO in Web Design

    I've read a lot of recommendations for using percentage for font size instead of absolute pixel size. It's so that visitors can adjust the size on their browsers. This sounds ... [read more]

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    WordPress 3.0 Question

    purplecone in Web Design

    Hi, Warriors, I want to create a blog area on one of my sites similar to Blogger, only for family members. I have installed WordPress 3.0. I know it is ... [read more]

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    I need a minisite designed for Rapidweaver

    avetiquette in Web Design

    I'm looking for someone to design a custom minisite with graphics that I can use in Rapidweaver. I suppose I need someone that can put together a custom Rapidweaver theme ... [read more]