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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Youtube files missing

    Braveheart2009 in Web Design

    Hi, I have uploaded a few videos to my website however today there are all missing like they have not been there at all? I am using

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    Move a new site to an old one.

    JKinakin in Web Design

    Hi All I have a client who wants me to build him 2 new Wordpress sites to replace his existing HTML ones. I've built sites before but with a new ... [read more]

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    xsitepro / linkshare / itunes

    Topper99 in Web Design

    Has anyone ever tried populating an xsitepro page with a linkshare RSS feed from the itunes linkmaker within linkshare? I load the RSS feed thru the xsp feed wizard and ... [read more]

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    hosting issues for a newbie

    yoyo in Web Design

    hello, i have made by website with dreamweaver and opened a host with hostgator, now i am trying to upload my website and going through all sorts of problems. i ... [read more]

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    Re:Instant web article

    powertoberecon in Web Design

    Hi I'm giving free web article for anyone who wanted to start IM without using a dime. All you have yo do is to register CPA using my web page. ... [read more]

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    Moving from a traditional site to Blog

    timber in Web Design

    So, here's what I want to do... get rid of the .html page I setup that has a blog in the /blog directory, and have the blog become the root ... [read more]

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    Take a look yourself

    sulmaanaslam in Web Design

    Okay so i have CPA lead widget installed on my website but it is not displaying completely. Only half of it is displayng with auto scroller on. I cant turn ... [read more]

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    Looking for the Blog Design Lady

    Sam Fowler in Web Design

    I've seen a designer advertise Blog design/setup for $147. Had a nice portfolio. But I can't remember her username or website. I need a quote, etc on blog design for ... [read more]

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    Uploading ebooks

    themoneyhat in Web Design

    I have a problem uploading ebook to the website in which godaddy is the host. I have several ebooks and several sites. I keep getting error messages. Is there any ... [read more]

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    Adding blog to existing domain...

    DavidO in Web Design

    I'm adding a blog to my static site. I understand the usual setup is a subdirectory like: But why not make the subdirectory name keyword-rich? I've never seen this ... [read more]

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    website not updating

    yoyo in Web Design

    i am getting this problem which is making me bang my head against the wall. over the last few days some sites just do not update on my computer, while ... [read more]

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    Tell-A-Friend Script...

    Dennis Miedema in Web Design

    Hi everyone, I've been investing a lot of time lately on really going the distance with product rollouts and got some nice results because of it. But now it's time ... [read more]

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    CSS issue

    JoMo in Web Design

    I am having trouble getting my site to rest firmly to the top of the browser window, and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I have a piece ... [read more]

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    Please HELP! Cannot Access Cpanels or WHM!! Ports Blocked!!

    skorpion in Web Design

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me here. First of all I've contacted Hostgator with this problem and they say the problem is on my end. Perhaps my ISP ... [read more]

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    After X-Browser Testing Your Site, Is There Anything Else Really Worth Checking Guys?

    Iqball in Web Design

    Hi Guys, Ok so firstly you have used some of the well-known following tools to Cross-Browser Check your site: Browser Sandbox - Run any browser from the web or Check ... [read more]

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    How do you set up an optin/landing page such as most WSO's?

    Adam Roy in Web Design

    How do I create a landing/opt in page to build my list? I'm only familiar with wordpress, but I'm sure I can just download something else onto a domain via ... [read more]

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    Text Wrap not working in IE8

    CKTaylor7 in Web Design

    I can't get the text to wrap within a cell and display right in IE8. It looks fine in Firefox. Please take a look in both browsers here: skincarebycecilia . ... [read more]

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    How can I embed Trailers from Apple or IMDB???

    otherwhirl in Web Design

    Ok here we go again, I would like to get embeds from these sites. I've been having a time trying to figure this one out forever it seems. Is it ... [read more]

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    Video capabilities... can this be done?

    DavidO in Web Design

    I'm designing a project that uses a video clip in the background: Lung 1080p HD | Royalty Free Stock Video Footage | Before I purchase this file I need ... [read more]

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    creating a slide show for updates and news

    yoyo in Web Design

    hello, i am using dreamweaver to setup my first site and need to have a slide show thing at the very top, its a financial markets website, so the slide ... [read more]

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    Could a Flash site feed Google some good text with a long Description Meta tag?

    icrystal in Web Design

    I'm trying to help some friends get their site to rank better in Google. Problem is, the site is almost all Flash and Google doesn't seem to be picking up ... [read more]

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    Using Google Optimizer

    Don Schenk in Web Design

    I put a thread at the main warrior forum with a question. The thread has moved down several pages with no replies. I think I figured out the answer to ... [read more]

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    My first "squeeze" page

    Mike German in Web Design

    Hello everybody I'm new on here today as I've heard so much about this site. The place to be if you have a passion for IM. I am a web ... [read more]

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    how to integrate a squeeze page into already existing blog?

    jhess56 in Web Design

    Got a blog with hundreds of blog posts over a year old, ranks very very well for some very very heavy keywords. Organic ranking is great, conversions suck, I am ... [read more]

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    CSS Crash Course - FREE TILL FRIDAY at SitePoint.

    VicFranks in Web Design

    SitePoint is offering a Free CSS Crash Course till Friday.. If you would like to register go here: The CSS Video Crash Course - SitePoint Videos Haven't viewed them yet ... [read more]

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    What are your CSS woes?

    hamburglar in Web Design

    Is it IE testing, floating divs, jQuery integration? I am looking to develop my 5th video tutorial on CSS and would love to showcase some solutions to your problems. So ... [read more]

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    How to prevent browsing site contents?

    lurky in Web Design

    Hello, I'm building a website business, the product is digital tutorials made with Adobe Captivate. I'm no programmer, but I had a contractor build a site that allows customers to ... [read more]

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    WANTED: blog designer/webs designer

    AlexMan in Web Design

    Hi everyone, I need a webdesigner/ blog designer for creating a new website for my new business. So therefore, I am searching for someone to do this project. I will ... [read more]

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    Box around autoresponder optin

    Chris O in Web Design

    Hi, I'm just about to go live with a new site, but wanted one more alteration to it. Where I'm asking people to sign into the mailing list, I would ... [read more]

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    Help with membership site script.

    dtaylor5 in Web Design

    Hi, I am sure I am breaking all the rules posting this before I say hi, so, HI My name is Earle and here is my question/dilemma. I need a ... [read more]

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    Joomla users please help!

    pana in Web Design

    Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with this template, under the "home" section theres a "shared hosting" link how do I remove that can anyone help.. heres the site: Thank you!

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    Critique Please

    turntwo21 in Web Design

    Hey guys, Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner needing a website. Are you interested enough by our page to consider a buy? Saskatchewan Website Design : NUClick ... [read more]

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    Considered Cookie Stuffing?

    KcSurvivor in Web Design

    Hey everyone, this is my first thread, officially signed up today! But been reading for a bit. I had a question that I've been thinking about. I use several GPT ... [read more]

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    Need Help

    andybr1ggs in Web Design

    HI If you look at the website the logo is halfway down the site.....dont know how to move it............ The website address is Thanks. Andy seems to be solved ... [read more]

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    pop up text when someone clicks?

    zzman in Web Design

    How do I get a text message to pop up when they click on my still video image. I want a small text message: "Please enter your email below to ... [read more]

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    Gorgeous Collection of Wordpress Themes by Ezwpthemes, U Gonna Love it!

    AggieMom in Web Design

    This Is It ¡We just forgot how great an artist Michael Jackson is in the past decade!¡ I forgot who said that, but, exactly that is the picture. ¡This is ... [read more]

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    Can anyone help me fix my site?

    sulmaanaslam in Web Design

    I have a website The header size is super large and i cant seem to shorten it. I even changed the size of logo that didnt help either. Can ... [read more]

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    Image as a 'h1'

    LiamMcArthur in Web Design

    Hi there, I'm starting optimisation on a newly built website, the majority of what would be the title of the content (what I'd optimise as a h1) are images - ... [read more]

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    WordPress Menu Question

    cmaclean in Web Design

    I have a WordPress site and I'm having trouble figuring out how to display my vertical sidebar menu the way I need it: Here's a sample of the menu: HOME ... [read more]

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    What is the Best Way To Upload "Thank You Page" Files?

    Iqball in Web Design

    Hello Warriors, Could someone help and guide me on this scenario i am stumpling upon :confused: @ the moment, i am considering to decide what Payment Processor Button to use, ... [read more]

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    I need to add a subscribe form in my site

    alkantenik in Web Design

    Hello I want to add a subscribe form in my website. How can I do this? Is there any free autoresponse service on the internet? Which codes should I use? ... [read more]

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    Web & Design

    Elite Solution in Web Design

    First impressions count. Potential customers decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not to leave a website. Good composed web design layout of any page is the always the ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Designer Wanted

    scartego in Web Design

    Good Afternoon, I am looking for a designer who can touchup my Wordpress site for me. The majority of the work has been done, but I need a few more ... [read more]

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    How to insert metatags in CSS site?

    Richard Tunnah in Web Design

    My web guy has forgotten to add my site description and keywords onto my new css site. I think I should probably learn how to do this so I can ... [read more]

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    How to build quality graphics

    Adam Roy in Web Design

    I'm totally 100% new to creating graphics for websites/sqeeze pages, however I did take a photoshop class in school Such as headers, and banners, or other general images. I am ... [read more]

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    Internal Server Error

    Aussie Dazzler in Web Design

    Hi Guys, Can anyone decifer whats happening here. I have a clients site that was working fine yesterday. Now today it keeps coming up with internal server errors. Below is ... [read more]

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    I have some wierd mark up showing on my site "" ?

    Steve Wells in Web Design

    Can anyone tell me what is causing this markup, it only seems to show up in mozilla firefox, not Opera, Google Chrome or IE8. Its in the top left corner ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Premium Themes

    Braveheart2009 in Web Design

    Hi, I am wondering if you require a hosting package if you want to upload a premium theme of wordpress? I always thought wordpress was free? Thanks.

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    Wordpress Help

    Sun777 in Web Design

    So I have my domain and I have built my site with Wordpress but when I put in the web address I get a Host Gator landing page. Shouldn't I ... [read more]

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    How to copy and paste a site template in my wordpress static page?

    charlyms21 in Web Design

    I purchased flexsqueeze theme which is good for creating nice landing pages. I want to promote a sites clickbank product,so if I want to copy and paste the exact site ... [read more]

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    Wordpress WYSIWYG Editor! Holy Cow!

    nelsonbiglar in Web Design

    I must say that I love wordpress and everything that it has to offer, from the ease of use (after an initial getting to know it a little) to the ... [read more]

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    Rotating YouTube (video) Script...

    nelsonbiglar in Web Design

    I want to be able to have any Youtube url entered into my website and have it logged into a database which then would rotate the videos automatically or by ... [read more]

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    WordPress HELP. Syntax error after installing sitemap generator plugin

    The site i am rebuilding in word press is located here. ontherailtv(.)com/ontherailtv error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting ',' or ';' in /home/content/o/n/t/ontherail/html/ontherailtv/index.php on line 18 I cant ... [read more]

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    Please review our website

    lisaweyn in Web Design

    UK Schools, Colleges & Universities Your comments and ideas would be highly appreciated.

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    email form on website help

    danjensen in Web Design

    hi guys need your help. I want my customers to fill out a form which then gets sent to me via email. I've seen it used for contact pages. just ... [read more]

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    Please Review My Affiliate Website

    cmarketer in Web Design

    Hi Guys...and gals! I just created this affiliate site, please review it and let me know what you think... please be kind. Do you think it is easy to navigate? ... [read more]