Website Design

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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Web Design Agency Marketing

    MonetizationDaily in Web Design

    Hello warriors! how is everyone doing? over the past 2 weeks I've learned a good amount about wordpress, certainly enough to build several types of sites and use plugins. as ... [read more]

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    H1 tag missing from home page

    BIBI15 in Web Design

    hello there, i have some problems with my wordpress theme, when i upload logo - h1 tag disappears and the header code changes as well. it doesn't matter if i ... [read more]

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    Printing your toll-free no of your company on business card. Good or bad idea?

    sandhyarathi in Web Design

    Hi Guys, Tell me about some query in my mind is that Printing your toll-free no of your company on business card. Good or bad idea?

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    How can I host long videos directly on my WP site?

    trade4861 in Web Design

    Hi, I wanted to start a new website that requires paid access to certain parts of the site. Apparently there is a Wordpress plugin for that. Anyway, I wanted to ... [read more]

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    limon96 in Web Design

    will anyone please explain me that what is the best way to use a slider?

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    Mirror site issue none Wordpress

    halljames76 in Web Design

    Need help. Purchased a php website (none WordPress) from Flippa. It was supposed to be all ready to go for ebaycommerce which technically all the layout and scripts are. However ... [read more]

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    Please Give Your Valuable Inputs ?

    SahaayNisha in Web Design

    We are planning to redesign one sites. The common problem with this sites is many people reaching home page but very few of them visits other pages, and almost none ... [read more]

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    I want to be lazy with an online banner maker

    geekmom in Web Design

    Hi, I am looking for server side software similar to that I can use without having to outside of my own network and without having to open photoshop. I ... [read more]

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    Landing Page

    StudentOfTheGame in Web Design

    I have a question about my landing page. Im trying to generate leads for kitchen and bath remodels from running facebook ppc ads. I plan to send them some free ... [read more]

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    Which is better Optimizepress or WP Pagebuilder?

    mrloo in Web Design

    I currentlyhave Optimizepress since last year but it doesn't include the yearly updates and I have to pay every year for that. I wonder if WP Pagebuilder is the same ... [read more]

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    Looking for recording software to grab videos on a membership site.

    dq70 in Web Design

    I know there are many. But whats an easy to use software to record the videos on a membership site to watch them later, or burn to dvd? Many have ... [read more]

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    Critique My Website???

    bert81 in Web Design

    Hi, I'm working on a new web design for my company and was looking for some professional criticisms. The web address is Home. I figured what better place to find ... [read more]

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    Website development planning stage, Need Help

    kirakenny in Web Design

    Hi All, I need some advice here. I am building a site for my company with products. I am looking into something that will help me rank through SEO and ... [read more]

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    guys how to remove comments ?

    Devilfish168 in Web Design

    here is one of my page Top Five Nutrition For Building Muscles how to remove the Leave reply box , option and comments thanks

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    FTP or just CPANEL?

    trapybp in Web Design

    Hello, I am hopin someone here can answer this question as I've been curious for awhile now... Many courses teach to use FTP like FileZilla to transfer files to your ... [read more]

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    Looking for someone that can help me with the Following

    BigBen01 in Web Design

    my website is ------------------------ home page ----------- dress the page up - graphics - elancer check spelling paragraph layout buy now if not buy now - give more informatio ... [read more]

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    Comments wanted about a review site

    erptraining9 in Web Design

    Hi, This is a new review site developed by me, Best Online SAP Training Reviews , Courses and Certification, i would like to know if this site is professional enough ... [read more]

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    Web Site Templates İMPORTANT

    lego12566 in Web Design

    Hello brothers HDFİLM Site templates please ??

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    Need Honest comment be it good or bad.

    Devilfish168 in Web Design

    Guess this is my final fine tune no changes forever. going to focus more on useful contents any thoughts thanks guys here my site

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    Making an opt in form responsive

    mc9320 in Web Design

    Is there a way to make an opt in form responsive? I use GetResponse to create the form and then embed the script onto the page. I've contacted their support ... [read more]

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    Photo Gallery Software

    eliocarchidi in Web Design

    Hi can someone help me to find the most performant software to create a nice photo gallery? Do you know envira Gallery? what do you think about it? thanks Elio [read more]

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    Can you recommend a good landing page WP theme?

    maddhacker24 in Web Design

    Hi, I've been a war room member for a little while now but never posted much. I bought one WSO but it turned out bad and the seller got banned ... [read more]

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    website navigation

    pallavisoft in Web Design

    Hi, I have my website in which home page has more than 500 pages ....when we click on the respective page numbers to view that's not showing up ....please ... [read more]

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    is there any plugin can insert photo kinda like 9GAG?

    Devilfish168 in Web Design

    I just want to create a new cat than is category is photo only

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    Which of these WP theme for Weight Loss?

    dog8food in Web Design

    So I just purchased and I want to eventually sell coaching as well as affiliate products. I was taking a look at these free WP themes I'm not ... [read more]

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    Recommend me a WP theme for...

    TheBeast in Web Design

    Hello everybody, Recommend me a WP theme for a Multilingual content creation company? Services will be: *Blog content *Website Content *Metas *Product descriptions and more... for different languages EN, NO, ... [read more]

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    Secure Knowledge Base Plugin

    daweed in Web Design

    Hi, Can you suggest if there is any good - Secure Knowledge Base Plugin in the market? I wanted to document a close group SOP and training for my staff. ... [read more]

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    how can i do this ?

    newxxx in Web Design

    i need help, please i do not know css, just ancient olde antique html from caveman era i would like to know how i can make a page 100% wide ... [read more]

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    Should you make a landing page for your blog?

    NeedBucksNow in Web Design

    Hey everybody. I made a post earlier about how I have been working on my blog and have redirected the front page to how to start a blog. I was ... [read more]

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    (Question) Instabuilder 2.0 + Social Locker for WP

    riventiger in Web Design

    Hi all. Could anyone kindly assist me with some help please. Im a little stuck when it comes to instabuilder 2.0 and Social Locker For WP What im tryig to ... [read more]

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    Auto Loan Wordpress Theme?

    dfinancialmkt in Web Design

    Hi, Does anyone know of any Wordpress themes to generate auto loan leads? Or even a Wordpress theme that could be adapted for auto loan leads? Thanks!

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    I would love some feedback for my website

    dotentrepreneurs in Web Design

    Heya, I have designed my website not a long time ago and would like to know what people think about it. Constructive feedback would be very welcome! I am ... [read more]

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    Add pre built HTML landing page to WordPress???

    DaneSebastion in Web Design

    Hey there, I have a great landing page(Includes index.html, images and style file). I want to use this landing page on my WordPress website for people to arrive at to ... [read more]

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    WP Site with a ton of images

    joe golfer in Web Design

    One of my sites is starting to use many more images than in the past. It looks like in the next two years we might have 50,000 or more. Even ... [read more]

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    Best Wallpapers CMS Script?

    kaytav in Web Design

    Hello all , I am going to start a Wallpapers related site , i want some suggestions on the best and easy to use wallpapers script . Kindly suggest some ... [read more]

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    Could anyone tell me what feedback system this website is using?

    mike2221 in Web Design

    Hi there!, I'm very curious what kind of feedback is using for their feedback system. I have a website for books which i want to use a similar system ... [read more]

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    WP Tips - How to add free online games to your site

    bazboy247 in Web Design

    Hi there Today's WP Tip is how to add a free online game to your WP site Some of you may be thinking that this is only for people in ... [read more]

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    Why cant I add images to my posts

    bazboy247 in Web Design

    Hello to you all I have been trying to drag and drop images from my computer into my posts but with no success I wondered if anybody knows why I ... [read more]

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    Big leads for website for designer and developers

    Yuv102 in Web Design

    I have a website with very quality freebie psd themes made by me. it has around 10,000 uniqs a month - most of the visitors are designers and developers. it's ... [read more]

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    Are there any Wordpress Theme for Solo Ads page?

    mrloo in Web Design

    Hi, I've searched online and found one but unfortunately is not available anymore. Are there any wordpress theme for solo ads page? Appreciate your help. thanks, louie

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    WP Tips MSQL Data base in plain English

    bazboy247 in Web Design

    Hello to you all, I have just joined this forum and I see that there are many WP questions on here so I thought I would post some fundamental ... [read more]

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    How to create a Solo Ad page?

    mrloo in Web Design

    Hello guys, I am currently researching about Solo Ads business and would like to try it. But I am stuck with how to create a Solo ad page where there ... [read more]

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    WP No Follow Page - How?

    lucas111 in Web Design

    Hi All, I need to make my "Privacy Page" no follow on my WP site. Can anyone please help on this. Cheers

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    Anyone got a already made CCS code for amazon astore?

    Devilfish168 in Web Design

    by default the overall layout either at right side or left. I saw can edit the spacing etc under CCS option. any one know what's the code to make all ... [read more]

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    Is there any wordpress expert around?

    SDStudio in Web Design

    Hi, I'm trying to fix a error in wordpress, using a wordpress plugin called rock form builder, for some reason i can not get any answer to fix this error ... [read more]

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    Are these plugins really needed?

    aaronjunited in Web Design

    These 4 plugins are regarded as essential from a few articles I read. I know some of them are self explanatory, though are they really needed or are is it ... [read more]

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    How to upgrade PHP version (5.2.17) to (5.3)

    mrloo in Web Design

    Hi, I'm using an optimize press version of Wordpress and I need to upgrade PHP version (5.2.17) to the recommended (5.3). May I know how to do it? Thanks, mrloo

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    Warriorforum Developer's job. Is it perfect?

    boyeayo in Web Design

    Please help to see if the site is up to standard for beauty niche. A developer from warriorforum did the job, and told me his work done. What else remain ... [read more]

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    What Kind Of Theme/Template Is This and Do We Have Wordpress Theme For This?

    masterpeez4py in Web Design

    It appear that website design has gone beyond what I knew. I have been seeing some sort of templates lately which I have fallen in love with but will also ... [read more]

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    Do you guys know what wordpress plugin is this site using?

    Epic Write in Web Design

    Contact | The Edublog Awards Do you guys know the twitter plugin his using in the sidebar?

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    Optimizepress permalink issue

    GowebMkt in Web Design

    Hi Fellow Warriors, Im adding new pages to my wordpress / optimizepress 2.0 site, and the new page permalink includes 'index.php' in it. How to remove this part? Here is ... [read more]

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    Wordpress won't save changes!!!

    kevd10 in Web Design

    Please somebody help me. I am making changes to my wordpress site, and nothing is changing on the actual site. Some of the changes are happening hours later, some happen ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Jetpack plugin causing High CPU usage on my web host

    toivo in Web Design

    Wonder if anyone else is having this difficulty and what I should do. I use Jetpack mainly for image galleries throughout my site. I have over 50 categories of pages ... [read more]

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    Experienced bloggers help me out please

    TalentPlus in Web Design

    Is there any web-hosting company I can get shared hosting plan for less than $40? I just want to setup my blog, and this is my first time. Please help! ... [read more]

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    WordPress CMS for a large scale website, some questions

    gringoloco in Web Design

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new to web design, only having created some websites as a teenager with FrontPage Express. But I do have basic knowledge on the matter. I hear ... [read more]

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    Need feedback about loading speed of our site

    yestyle in Web Design

    Hello, We have just moved our site to a new hosting yesterday I did some checks with some website speed test tools but not sure about the results because tools ... [read more]