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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Jetpack plugin causing High CPU usage on my web host

    toivo in Web Design

    Wonder if anyone else is having this difficulty and what I should do. I use Jetpack mainly for image galleries throughout my site. I have over 50 categories of pages ... [read more]

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    Experienced bloggers help me out please

    TalentPlus in Web Design

    Is there any web-hosting company I can get shared hosting plan for less than $40? I just want to setup my blog, and this is my first time. Please help! ... [read more]

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    WordPress CMS for a large scale website, some questions

    gringoloco in Web Design

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new to web design, only having created some websites as a teenager with FrontPage Express. But I do have basic knowledge on the matter. I hear ... [read more]

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    Need feedback about loading speed of our site

    yestyle in Web Design

    Hello, We have just moved our site to a new hosting yesterday I did some checks with some website speed test tools but not sure about the results because tools ... [read more]

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    Is WordPress the best website for SEO?

    Bandyman85 in Web Design

    I am considering switching my current website over to WordPress to help increase my organic rankings for some specific keywords. Planning on using seo plugin by yoast to help as ... [read more]

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    Wordpress issue: Virtual button NOT accessible

    mrloo in Web Design

    Hi, I need help about my blog that use wordpress theme and when I wanted to write a post the virtual button or area won't show and only the text ... [read more]

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    How my site?

    tuanvn88 in Web Design

    Mua bán laptop cũ TPHCM, bán laptop cũ giá rẻ tphcm You see I have good websites yet. speed and interface?

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    Best WP Product Review Theme?

    lucas111 in Web Design

    Hi All, I am looking for a WP "product review" theme. Which ones are the most popular? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers

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    Please Review the site I designed in 6 hours.

    Hi All, My wife is currently completing a Masters Degree in Illustration. One of the course requirements that was suddenly sprung on her was a fully functional website, so I ... [read more]

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    301 Redirect

    mich800 in Web Design

    I purchased a business about a year ago and one of the assets was the website. However I have not been happy with the performance particularly with the back end ... [read more]

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    How do I implement Social statics without using plugin

    jazmyn in Web Design

    Hello Homies, I have a website which has logger 2.1 theme now there is a problem in theme. The theme setting has a social statics widget however No plugin. But ... [read more]

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    My website is OK??

    raahbd in Web Design

    I am new web developer. Please cheek my website and give me advice about it. rheumatic fever hemophilia rheumatoid arthritis cocaine asthma copd hiv diabetes

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    Head Tags in Child Theme?

    Jeff Burritt in Web Design

    Sometimes, a plugin or css script requires you to add some html in between the head tags of your theme. The header.php file is in the parent theme right? That's ... [read more]

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    Shopify Site Build

    NOSconnection in Web Design

    Hello New to this site and looking for a programmer. I have an eBay store that is doing okay, but would like to use Shopify to create a e commerce ... [read more]

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    Free images site analysis! Is it custom built? An estimate for cost?

    gurusurfer in Web Design

    Hi all, I have been using this amazing free images site for about a year now. I would like to know if it is using a theme, or is it ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to apply CSS to half of a character/word?

    Is it possible to apply CSS to half of a character/word?

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    Websites for tradies

    Shelles in Web Design

    Has anyone got any a/b testing statistics for tradies website design? Looking at a lot of tradie websites they are mostly the same... also, IMO, they have way too much ... [read more]

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    Web Design For Offline Client

    rocemore in Web Design

    One of my clients wants me to design a website and on the homepage he would like to have a form to fill out where the user can select what ... [read more]

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    Please, I want template blogger who specializes in the field of travel and tourism

    seselakhdari in Web Design

    hi guys Is it one that can help me in building site I want template blogger who specializes in the field of travel and tourism, Can you send to the ... [read more]

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    Home page link to main pages

    Devilfish168 in Web Design

    how to go about it? sorry noob here...

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    How can you pass command line arguments to the Node.js?

    How can you pass command line arguments to the Node.js?

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    Hi Please Review My Only Website Thank you

    Dear warriors Please may you take a minute out to review my only current website I have been working on for a while and kindly give your expertise ? It ... [read more]

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    Recommendations for a Deals Site Wordpress Theme

    gcintermed in Web Design

    I'm thinking of doing a deals site for local merchants. Probably focused by location and type of business. Any recommendations for a suitable Wordpress theme? I've also considered setting up ... [read more]

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    Pricing Web Design

    rocemore in Web Design

    A client wants me to build his site with this template How much would be a good price for this?

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    ...And now, for Traffic

    LifeDrawnBadly in Web Design

    Maybe you guys can give me some tips Life Drawn Badly | A Webcomic, but Just Barely. is my site that just opened. I've got a lot of content (videos ... [read more]

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    Drupal: redirect http:// to http://www

    paivadaniel in Web Design

    Hello guys, for mistake I installed drupal without "www" in the url, how can I redirect the address to with www. For example hxxp:// to hxxp:// Tks daniel

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    Adsense Adspace Area

    DevanG101 in Web Design

    Hey, I am using adsense as a ad network in my site Two Line Status - Daily Whatsapp Status Updates and I am using WP adsense plugin by google for ... [read more]

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    Advise on Landing Page Deisgn

    Abrar Tariq in Web Design

    Hey guys We are using ppc campaigns to bring in leads for the business, however bounce rate is quite high for our landing page which is making it expensive for ... [read more]

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    Can it be done?

    enter04 in Web Design

    I want to run an affiliate offer on my own page as an iframe but per guidelines I need to use 100% of the page. Is it possible to to ... [read more]

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    BennyP in Web Design

    When i enter my site into majestic seo i get this: Last Crawl Result: HTTP_406_NotAcceptable How do i fix this?

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    soccer blog: which theme and plugins to use?

    chuojukwu in Web Design

    good day, I wish to create a blog on soccer using WordPress, I need help on which theme to use and the necessary plugins to use. please I need your ... [read more]

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    See what I'm doing wrong

    Hello. Would anyone be willing to look at my site and see what I'm doing wrong? Or offer any suggestions on what I can do to make it better? I'm ... [read more]

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    Need Feedback to improve my website

    Webkingseo in Web Design

    Hey friends , I have 3 websites 2 of them are doing good but i am not able to do well with 1 website,I want feedback on it so that ... [read more]

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    Is it clear what my site does?

    TheFox in Web Design

    I tried to make the design minimal while still making it clear what this site does: - Free Verified PayPal Profiles It's not too complicated -- users sign up ... [read more]

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    Customized page templates subscription

    Mihail in Web Design

    Hello! My name is Michael. Immediately apologize for the very bad English. This message I have translated using google. This post is yet questioning. I have a desire to help ... [read more]

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    Just put up a simple html site...

    Tony Dean in Web Design

    SkylightHost This based on a free template - well, the top bit is! The rest is taken from the web host which I am an affiliate for. 1. Does it ... [read more]

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    How to make posts show when using static front page

    ron200 in Web Design

    I am using Vantage theme and I have never tried using static page for front page before. If I want to post artilcles, how do I make them show up ... [read more]

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    Social plugin for wordpress?

    namdu in Web Design

    So here is what I wan't...a wordpress social plugin with facebook,google+,tvitter like buttons that i would place in my header....I just wan't to count likes for my website(not page specific) ... [read more]

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    Changing templates?

    xDrove in Web Design

    Hello I have a question about changing wordpress themes. I am planning to build a wordpress blog with many posts and would be using free theme first to minimize costs. ... [read more]

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    My Site

    chrisfoose in Web Design

    I've been working on my site. I could use some constructive feedback. Christopher Tameji Foose

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    Help me check the design of my website

    boyeayo in Web Design

    I got this Indian freelancer on this forum to design a website for me. I intend to post beauty related contents, and sell ads spaces in the long run on ... [read more]

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    Do you know how to take the project

    sandybrown1 in Web Design

    Do you know how to take the project Web design & SEO by Freelancer. and 100% Money give your work done. Please Share Site Name

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    Responsive review

    Hello Everyone! I just made my website responsive. Now i am looking to test it on different devices but I don't have all know of devices. So I need your ... [read more]

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    How to do Responsive Web Design Testing?

    uistreet in Web Design

    How to do Responsive Web Design Testing?

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    Help to see the problem with my website

    boyeayo in Web Design

    I need your kind advice on my beauty niche blog. The web coder is still working on it but want me to tell him the corrections needed. Please advice me ... [read more]

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    Review my Dating website...

    domaintrump in Web Design

    I need reviews of my website | SugarDaddy & SugarBaby Dating! - niche is Sugarbaby dating I created it to have a "club" like feel & atmosphere, as If ... [read more]

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    Graphic Design

    jamesripon in Web Design

    Hi Warrior, I am trying to find graphic design related thread. But I can't find that. Anyone please help me Thanks in advance

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    css only drop down "hamburger" style menu

    Arcsn in Web Design

    hi guys, please let me know where to find a css-only (no jquery) tutorial for a hamburger style drop down menu? I have two menus and i need them to ... [read more]

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    Udemy clone in wordpress

    egytrade2013 in Web Design

    Hi, This is my first thread here and i am not technical but i have the plan to start a website similar to Udemy directed to my region. I am ... [read more]

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    hows my site.

    Devilfish168 in Web Design

    Amazedfitness I do some fine tune , skip those fantasy , etc stuffs. Just want to make it simple.

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    Minecraft Server List Website Review!

    Luz1ferHD in Web Design

    Hello, I am the owner of , a new Minecraft Server List. I would just like to get some feedback on my website. It is growing fast and ... [read more]

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    Any suggestion for this website?

    amelialos in Web Design

    This website is designed and is there any correction to be done?Web Development Los Angeles

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    How To Remove span style="color: #ffffff from hundreds of WP posts

    Peter Lessard in Web Design

    Just imported the content for a site rebuild that has hundreds of posts and pages. The site used to be dark so they went in at the post and page ... [read more]

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    Joomla Website Design

    Designlove in Web Design

    Are there any Joomla Designers like myself? I have used wordpress and Joomla, and i prefer Joomla as a framework.

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    Where to Market my Web Design/Development Services

    ellrich123 in Web Design

    Hi I'm a newbie here. Just want to ask if I could market my Web design/development services here in Warrior Forum and in what way? Do I have to pay ... [read more]

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    New Website Started, Need Advice

    staymotivated88 in Web Design

    Hello Gurus, I just started a little less than 2 weeks ago, and wanted some feedback from all of you. I am doing 'best' lists for home products. It ... [read more]