Website Design

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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Email List´s ?

    GunniEff in Web Design

    Hi Everyone? I am totally new on this forum and basicly on the Internet. I have been playing with Joomla and build some website. I have this problem that i ... [read more]

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    Will Trade Audio Production for Wordpress Design

    Scott Woodside in Web Design

    Hey, I need a designer that wants to trade audio production (male and female or both voice) for designing a front page wordpress template. A portal template to fit with ... [read more]

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    Website FX Builder?

    tjmiller in Web Design

    Does anyone know anything about this? I can't seem to find a lot of information about it but if you go to their sales page, it seems to be pretty ... [read more]

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    What computer script goes good along with html?

    jonojo in Web Design

    I know html very well and trying to learn another script. I know javascript goes great with html as i have used pre-made scripts before in my sites. Php im ... [read more]

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    Tracking conversions for a 2-part form

    Haltingpoint in Web Design

    I have a website that has a sidebar contact form that captures several pieces of contact info (let's call them A,B and C). Once someone submits, it emails this info ... [read more]

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    Overlooked site for free clip art

    tomcam in Web Design

    If you're a Microsoft Office user, you have an awesome free surprise waiting for you at For reasons I don't understand (maybe $20 billion in the bank?) they seem ... [read more]

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    How do you change domain name in Wordpress blog??

    nicolescooper in Web Design

    Hello All, I need help with changing a pre-existing blog with a new domain name. I am hosting it with bluehost, and it is already established. I do not want ... [read more]

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    CSS & WP page

    Michael Forey in Web Design

    Can someone help me with something that is probably very simple. I page I just created in WordPress is not in the right "style". I add the new styles to ... [read more]

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    I need help with a website problem

    Ken Shorey in Web Design

    I have a site with hundreds of pages that have .html extenion file names. I use php includes on the pages for the template and have used AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .html ... [read more]

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    Website design SW needed

    sloop324 in Web Design

    I'm looking to design a site on a budget. Do I need to learn KompoZer, or is there something simplier? I'd love to get XSitePro2 but my budget is depleted ... [read more]

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    Custom Made Header & Illustration For Blogger

    Blaqueen in Web Design

    Hi There Not sure whether I've come to the right place? I really need a header designing for my new blog template. The header will have an illustration in it. ... [read more]

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    Newbie question on html

    tw in Web Design

    I have done other sites before with a similar structure, just a basic sales page. But with this new one I started it is not working right. First I set ... [read more]

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    How do i make my website do THIS

    TheJesseCuster in Web Design

    ok maybe its just me but im having a hard time on this one. Im trying to start a new website i already have 2 but this ones is different ... [read more]

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    Where do I Find Stock Photos for Templates?

    chriswhiteley in Web Design

    I plan on making a few ebook cover and web templates, and I am curious where other designers get their images when making templates. I understand that places like ... [read more]

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    HTML Code for ebook signup form

    ECoughlin in Web Design

    Hi, I'd like to put a form on my blog for people to sign up for my free ebook but the code I tried didn't work. Here it is: <form ... [read more]

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    What would be a good CMS

    kewlieo in Web Design

    Hi there, I like the way that Custom CMS have there template, but i cant seem to get hold of anyone thats in charge there :| so they have lost ... [read more]

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    How Hard Would This Be?

    CJFinkle in Web Design

    I am trying to get a website created for an idea I have and I know of a couple layouts I really like. So, my question is, how hard would ... [read more]

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    How can I make a CSS/HTML List do this...?

    Rebtl in Web Design

    So I want to put a list of my recent posts in my footer. However, I want the list to look like this: 1 Item 6 Item 2 Item 7 ... [read more]

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    Laurian.Kenny in Web Design

    Hey Warriors, Just after every one's own opinion. I'm currently using GIMP2 to design images and banners for my websites. Is there a big difference between gimp and photoshop and ... [read more]

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    How To Create Software Download on my webpages?

    jbirdmanjr in Web Design

    I cannot figure out how to let people download software from my website. I have tried to link to it, but when I try to find the software to link ... [read more]

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    Help Graphics Not Showing On Website!

    Bean77 in Web Design

    Hi Guys- I have used a website template to make my squeeze and sales pages for my website. I have uploaded them through my cPanel and my websites show up ... [read more]

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    Launched my NEW portfolio last night! Check it out

    absbica in Web Design

    Hi Everyone, I just launched my portfolio redesign late last night. You "SHOULD" see the new version..but I apologize if the old one still comes up...I had to change nameservers. ... [read more]

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    Uploading a large PHP website

    biz4bucks in Web Design

    What is a easy way to upload a large 700 page website in PHP format? I have tried Frontpage and NVU and it just wont load the way a regular ... [read more]

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    What is the best website design software?

    Laurian.Kenny in Web Design

    Hi warriors. Im just after all your personal opinion. I have been setting up website like blogs through wordpress and now I want to start designing high profile websites for ... [read more]

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    Using IM for local sales

    serrow in Web Design

    I have a unique situation. I've become engrossed in a new hobby that I took it on as a project. I import a particular fitness item that we find too ... [read more]

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    Problems With Google Analytics

    taberdude2 in Web Design

    Hi all, I've tried 2 different wordpress plugins to install Google analytics and no go. I'm not completely new to this, so I am assuming it may be my theme?Has ... [read more]

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    Web & Graphic design agency in UK

    johnmilton in Web Design

    Hi.. We are web & graphic design agency based in UK for the past two years.We have been doing web and graphic designing for various clients in UK. But now, ... [read more]

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    Inbound in Web Design

    Where's a good place to look for some good logo ideas? My niche in link build, backlinks. Thanks, Inbound

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    SWF files

    kelvinj238 in Web Design

    i need to change some pages on my site but the page that i want to change are HTML and the pages i want them to look like are SWF ... [read more]

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    Advice and Thoughts Welcome

    MarineGrunt in Web Design

    I am new to this site but have read through many of the posts. I have quickly realized that there is a lot I need to learn. I am interested ... [read more]

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    Free Sales Page/Squeeze Page Graphics

    Matthew Keith in Web Design

    I'll be opening my graphics site for business soon but want to add some more designs to my portfolio first, so I'll be doing some free designs over the next ... [read more]

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    What would you do?

    rosesmith in Web Design

    I registered a new domain, to showcase my portfolio of 3d models, textures, animations, demo-reel, etc. Really struggling if I should go the CSS route vs. full blown Flash site. ... [read more]

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    My Future traffic exchange

    Robert Herrie in Web Design

    Hi ,Warriors I recently posted a thread regarding a new traffic exchange idea that i came up with .I did not get many response but the one that i did ... [read more]

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    Can Anyone Duplicate This Site????

    richfit in Web Design

    Hey, I'm looking to create several Review Sites that Look like: #1 Trusted Blogging Reviews Please send your offers to me via IM in the Warrior Forum or send me ... [read more]

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    How to Redirect WP Domain to a Landing Page?

    GreenEyes in Web Design

    I have a domain name that my hosting company set up on WordPress. How do I redirect it to an affiliate landing page? PS I am JUST getting started using ... [read more]

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    TIP: How to create single page (salesletter-type) website with Wordpress.

    MemberWing in Web Design

    Combine free Wordpress + this free super-flexible Wordpress theme. Here's my detailed post about it: TIP: How to create single page website (salesletter-type) with Atahualpa - Wordpress Themes - WP ... [read more]

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    Looking For The Perfect Wordpress Theme

    IdeaSponge in Web Design

    I want to ramp up my affiliate efforts online. I love the research and the beginning of a new project but I always get stuck when it comes to getting ... [read more]

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    Help with Redirect After Filling out Autoresponder Form on Squeeze Page

    Bean77 in Web Design

    Hey Guys- I have been looking for the solution to this for days and figured I would try here and ask the most knowledgeable people I know!! Here's my situation: ... [read more]

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    Laurian.Kenny in Web Design

    Hi warriors. Can anyone suggest anywhere I can get images to edit within photoshop for my website banner? I'm looking for professional images, maybe images of business people ect. Thanks ... [read more]

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    Beat up these logos!

    tomcam in Web Design

    I'm evaluating 2 different logos for a business named EasyOnMe, which will sell products making it easier to create high-quality websites quickly. (Note to self: come up with a snazzier ... [read more]

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    How do you hide your download page?

    louisgeorges in Web Design

    Hi guys, How do you keep your download page secret and even keep people from going back to download it again? Do you have to buy one of those softwares ... [read more]

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    Best free or cheep web design program?

    Challe77 in Web Design

    Is there any cheap or free web design software where you get good looking graphical templates (included) similar to Wordpress? I´ve been using Wordpress now but I find it lacking ... [read more]

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    My First Ever Website Design - Need Advice

    Jake Howard in Web Design

    G'day Warriors After being involved with a few websites previously, I decided to bite the bullet and have a go at designing a website by scratch. I am hoping that ... [read more]

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    RAP: Worth It? Help for a Newbie!

    Elaina in Web Design

    I've been messing around with RAP templates and had a difficult time! I've done lots of personal web design with programs like DreamWeaver, and I'm not sure if it's just ... [read more]

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    Web Widgets for SEO - Tools and technologies

    MemberWing in Web Design

    I am looking for suggestion on tools and technologies to built custom embeddable WEB widgets. Similar to Flickr badge, Amazon or Ebay widget, or Last.FM widgets and with SEO twist ... [read more]

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    Installing/Upgrading Wordpress with Fantastico?

    MemberWing in Web Design

    Anyone has experience installing wordpress with Fantastico? For myself and my clients I use SSH/SVN way to install and upgrade Wordpress because it's so fast and predictable. Does fantastico helps ... [read more]

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    Website Design/Layout Question

    CJFinkle in Web Design

    Hello All, I am trying to help my little brother create a website for his photography hobby and we are both up to our waist in trying to learn what ... [read more]

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    How I Organize my Clients and Communication...

    Jesus Perez in Web Design

    I'm curious how other designers are organizing themselves and their client communications. So far, here's how I'm doing it on my end via XP Pro and Explorer. But with my ... [read more]

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    Im Stuck. Reviews and pointers appreciated

    magicash in Web Design

    I've been putting together a site that I wanted to use as a "home base" for various affiliate products, physical products, and eventually my own info products related to self-sufficient ... [read more]

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    Is It OK To Use OnMouseOver For The Order Link?

    doylesoft in Web Design

    Hello Warriors. Is it OK to use OnMouseOver for the order link? I want the Status bar to display: instead of Is OnMouseOver OK? Is that best practice?

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    Please give feedback on new design

    ibuyhomes in Web Design

    I would appreciate any constructive criticism on my new page design. ( beside my ugly mug on video ) ibuyhomes dot com ( i cannot link, not enough posts, sorry, ... [read more]

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    any words of wisdom will do

    anand0412 in Web Design

    i see that you guys have been reviewing some sites. It will be nice to have you guys to give me too an honest review and suggestions on my site. ... [read more]

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    Can you provide some honest feedback on our website

    vdys in Web Design

    Hi, we recently launched our VarsityDays website and would welcome some honest feedback on everything from concept, to design, to functionality, etc. I greatly appreciate any time you devote to ... [read more]

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    What are H1, H2 & so on in web design?

    Darells in Web Design

    Sorry for the stupid question, but I notice that we talk about a lot about the importance of have the right words or title in H1 or H2. What exactly ... [read more]

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    Help for real estate website

    Darells in Web Design

    We have a formula that works well. I'll tell you what it is, if you'll help us develop it and brainstorm. Then we start the copy with an introduction to ... [read more]

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    Dating Blog Review

    loubo44 in Web Design

    Can I please get a few reviews on my dating help website. I am testing this out on a free blogging program before I decide to go full speed on ... [read more]