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    Forum rules for the Website Design Section STICKY

    Istvan Horvath in Web Design

    What is the Webside Design Section All About? Ask your questions in this forum and some Warrior will more than likely help you out or know the answer to your ... [read more]

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    Best Countdown Timer Software ?

    Louise Lewis in Web Design

    Currently, what's the best Countdown Timer Software for an html sales page?

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    Just bought a second domain - problem logging into first.

    Shaz Sal in Web Design

    So I had a domain for a while running via iPage and made via Wordpress I recently bought a second domain and installed wordpress on it and made a few ... [read more]

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    Please review my pages & give me feedback

    fritsdepalm in Web Design

    Here is my site Green Elixir Complete & the longer version (not finished) The Green Elixir Secret I intend to split test The offer is a Detox & Nutrition Supplement ... [read more]

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    How to Improve Company Website?

    Malcolm Thomas in Web Design

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to email a friend who owns a coffee shop in my neighborhood and I visited his website LATTEA - HOME and noticed some areas ... [read more]

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    Which Of These Had The Best ROI?

    getbread in Web Design

    Here of a couple of landing pages I ran on a South African dating affiliate campaign a while back. Each lander is quiz style. That means people had to go ... [read more]

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    [NEED HELP] Monarch Social Sharing Plugin - Display Once Per Session Doesn't Work

    Zavarzin in Web Design

    Hi, So in Monarch 1.3.2 Wordpress plugin settings page I set to show the pop up or fly in once per session but it shows it on every page. I ... [read more]

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    How to upload website properly with filezilla

    Dragonknigh in Web Design

    So I uploaded whole website file that I've edited with inspect element in public_html but when I go to my website via link I see only basic wordpress theme. What ... [read more]

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    How to create a ski rental website?

    RunDotRun in Web Design

    Hi guys I'm looking for a solution to create a ski rental website, Does anyone know of any pre existing solutions that might be worth looking at. I have post ... [read more]

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    Wp rocket

    tamisgo in Web Design

    Hello everyone Ive bought and installed on my site the plugin wprocket, to make it faster. do someone knows whats are the best settings for better results? here is the ... [read more]

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    wordpress plugin for surveys

    gnraj in Web Design

    Can anyone help me finding a wordpress plugin that can allow us to create a survey & then place it on a page/post using shortforms? What ever i found on ... [read more]

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    Where Can I Find The Cheapest .Info Domains?

    heartdragon in Web Design

    Hi, i want to register many .info domains. Do you know what domain service have the cheapest .info to buy in bulk. I know that some domains service websites charge ... [read more]

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    Has anyone tried Zenbership?

    ronnyd in Web Design

    I see that zenbership is newly open source as it came up when I was looking for a CRM to go on one of my basic digital download sites. How ... [read more]

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    Website that has this kind of slider

    vryannn in Web Design

    Hi guys, Check out this website NYX Cosmetics Official Site - Professional Makeup & Beauty Products Do you know how they put that text "Look" layered over the slider like ... [read more]

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    Not sure what I am looking for

    toopie28 in Web Design

    Question, please. Looking for a submission tool for my site - basically a page that allows other stores to submit their products. I would like to review beforehand and make ... [read more]

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    Freelancer Management System CMS

    fisker in Web Design

    Hello Warriors, For the year 2017, I am planning to build a freelancer management website where freelancers can sign up, create profile, see a list of jobs available, accept jobs ... [read more]

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    Animated Gif software?

    FlashMatrix in Web Design

    Hi all, I'm looking for the animated gif software that was on WSO a while ago, I just can't seem to find it. it was kind of a screen recording ... [read more]

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    Flexsqueeze 2 - Obsolete

    madridit in Web Design

    Hi everyone I'm writting because I wanted to know if anyone knows if Flexsqueeze 2 (WP Theme), is going to be updated, the last version 2 its from 2014. AND, ... [read more]

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    Why Instabuilder doesn't work with my theme?

    yarvua in Web Design

    Hi, I use the plugin "Instabuilder" since the first version and I only use wp themes from iThemes : Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins Since 2008 : Home of Backup ... [read more]

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    Review my very first website!

    Nicholas Cross in Web Design

    Hello! I hope everyone is having a grand new year so far. Anyways, I hope you all might be able to give me some pointers pertaining to my first site. ... [read more]

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    Wordpress plugin that adds code/text/ads into every post top and/or bottom?

    Techie Turtle in Web Design

    I found a plugin called The Content Injection but it's not being developed any more. Is there a plugin that adds code, text, ads, etc to each post that's already ... [read more]

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    Website Code Not Working Right

    blueonblue in Web Design

    Hello all. I have created a site with Amazon AWS and Kompozer. I see the ite how it looks in design view, look great but then when I go to ... [read more]

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    Optimize Press Link To Sub Domain

    Hungry Horace in Web Design

    I am trying to create the following and can't work out how to do it, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have optimize press installed on my my main ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Local Wedding Vendor Directory

    mwright in Web Design

    What free WordPress plugins can I use to create a local wedding vendor directory? The directory should let local vendors create their own listing, link it to their main website ... [read more]

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    A little Feedback over my website, please?

    Radu Ciocan in Web Design

    Hi, I'm Radu, I'm in my 20's, working already for 3 years in marketing / social media and I decided to start a local marketing / advertising / web design ... [read more]

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    Child theme issue.

    Dragonknigh in Web Design

    I've edited google home page (just an example) with inspect element and saved it with "save as..." chrome option. Then I've wrote style.css and owerited the on in google_files and ... [read more]

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    How to Improve my website Ranking ?

    Dear Friends Plesss Tell me about my website How to improve keywords ranking and visitors. I already work On Social Bookmarking and Directory And Blog Submission

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    Service page outrank home

    john dykes in Web Design

    Just built a Weebly site for a home service in a mid populated area (200,000) put it online and indexed with google and bing 3 days ago. Home page is ... [read more]

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    Please Review My Appliance Repair Training Website

    StokesM in Web Design

    Hello. I need your help with my Appliance Repair Training website. I created the website myself from the help of the Warrior Forum. I own a Residential Appliance Repair Company ... [read more]

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    Adobe Illustrator Extensions

    sitl in Web Design

    Hello, please give me feedback about my extensions for Adobe Illustrator. It's helpful? looks amazing? Which is the best? Description is available on PreciseMeasure - YouTube Step & Repeat ... [read more]

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    Any Way to Integrate Cold Fusion with WordPress?

    BillyBee in Web Design

    My hosting company is so freaking god-awful that I'm ready to make the switch after years of putting up with way more than I should. My site is a cold ... [read more]

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    how to add background after editing with inspect element

    Dragonknigh in Web Design

    I would like to add background, anchors, images, logo etc. Before uploading my site via filezilla. Can this be done easy as editing with inspect element? I really have no ... [read more]

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    Alternative to artisteer???

    LK in Web Design

    Basically I'm looking for a program to help me create websites. I downloaded the trial version of Artisteer because it seemed really promising (they have this video on the website ... [read more]

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    Which hosting provider is better?

    Jasonmills in Web Design

    I'm going to do a study and I need your help. There are many web hosting providers out there. iPage, WPengine, Hostgator, Bluehost, Justhost, Inmotion hosting, Dreamhost, Hostnine, Network ... [read more]

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    Whipman Arduino in Web Design

    Hello everybody I'm looking for a plugin/widget for to do this in WORDPRESS: -A sidebar with several options or menu. -each option or election post a photo with some lines ... [read more]

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    How many blogs can you open on Wordpress

    imgee in Web Design

    Hii guys, I'm asking this question here becoz it was not possible to ask in WP Forum. I know we can open as many blogs as we want on Free ... [read more]

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    I need help. WP Leads Press alternative? Info in description

    codyash in Web Design

    Mod, I took care of this. Could you please delete thread? Thanks!

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    Word Press for Roofing Contractor

    onarooftop in Web Design

    What Wordpress theme is a good one for a roofing contractor.

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    Please review my website for increasing the user participation

    EcommerceGear in Web Design

    Hi, Please take a look at my website wishlist pages dot com and suggest what should I do to improve the visitor participation. I get almost all traffic from Pinterest. ... [read more]

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    Wordpress website speed test

    vryannn in Web Design

    Hey guys, I am trying to speed up my wordpress website and need your help! So I ran a speed test with and it said I have browser caching ... [read more]

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    Need advice with website idea

    mak1403 in Web Design

    Hi guys I'm new posting here but have followed many topics on Warriorforum for a few years. Wondering if any of you gurus would have some ideas to add to ... [read more]

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    New website looking for feedback

    Daniel Lezcano in Web Design

    Sorry this post is no longer valid so I had to just do this to get the 10 word count.

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    Please review my PRL site.

    Remi Borisenka in Web Design

    Hi, I created a PRL membership site and It's ready for launch please can I have your honest opinion about your first impression, If I need to improve upon something ... [read more]

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    Worried about copyrighted images

    rottiegal in Web Design

    So I have been hiring some awesome graphic designers on Fiverr for my headers and they have been doing some awesome jobs. I assumed the pictures they use for the ... [read more]

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    Looking To Improve My Web Design.

    Iyengar Vijay in Web Design

    Hi, I Would Like The Opinions To Improve / Reconstruct My Web Site And Have More Engagements. Please Post Your Comments On The Site. Would Be Highly Obliged Of The ... [read more]

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    Sitemap update

    palpulla in Web Design

    Is sitemap automatically updates when I post new posts on my website, or should I update it? If so, how do I do it? Thanks!

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    Website Review Needed

    goleza in Web Design

    I am a self-made web designer. I taught myself slowly because I wanted to market my small business online by myself. I designed this website for my engraving business. ... [read more]

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    Just redesign my website

    midanius in Web Design

    Hello, i just redesign my traveling website. Let me know what you think about it Regards

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    How do you feel about this page.

    Jasonctm in Web Design

    Hey guys I recently created this landing page to help bring in leads for my work. I was hoping I could get some feedback from you guys. I made this ... [read more]

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    How to add LIKE or DISLIKE button for posts?

    yannablog in Web Design

    Hi Guys, I am using wordpress and mybb (a free forum software) on my blog sites I discovered this site and I want to have a same thing, Which I ... [read more]

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    Please review my website and give me sugggestions

    Pakiisp in Web Design

    Hello Warriors, Please review my site ( and give me suggestions about: Site design Logo design Content suggestions Traffic and link building suggestions Any other suggestion or help would be ... [read more]

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    how to price my website service properly....

    lewisjamespro in Web Design

    Hi everyone, i need help with my website service. I am a web designer of 12 years if you don't know already. I mainly use Wix (My favourite platform) i ... [read more]

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    Can anyone help me with a way to price my website service?

    lewisjamespro in Web Design

    Hi, I put a post couple days ago and i got a lot of great feed back from people. One of the ideas was to make websites for people. I ... [read more]

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    How do i create an upload feature on WordPress website

    maxdosh in Web Design

    Hi I would like to build a website where users can sign up and upload media files like videos, how do i go about this, thanks

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    Form wizard not working - Urgent

    ktnal in Web Design

    Anyone here can help me check why my form wizard created in XSitepro website software not working suddenly few weeks ago? Unable to received email form the form submitted. The ... [read more]

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    Plugin for sending optional letter on a directory website

    JayJay1000 in Web Design

    I run a directory website which is quite promising. A way forward, subscribers will need to opt-in for a newsletter which is suitable for their need based on age, gender ... [read more]