Anyone else having their links coming slow today..??

by JohnnyNight 7 replies
Hi All,

Been trying to figure out for a few hours why my traffic was down and thought it was my sites but all of my maxbounty links are having a problem...

Sometimes they come up as usual but then other times, really really slow...

Anyone else..??

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    I haven't noticed?
    What do you mean slow? Slow during a redirect?
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    Yes, slow to redirect...

    Using some dating offers..
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    Just going to the maxbounty . com site is taking forever today...

    Literally 20 seconds for the site to come up... And going from page to page on the site taking forever..

    The only site that is happening for me..

    Am I the only one..?? Hard to believe.. I don't know..
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      yes me too it's taking forever i can't even log in today what is going on is it DDos Attack or something ?
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    Thank you for responding...

    Now maxbounty is totally down and the dating offer I'm using is not connecting either. Like an across the board out of service deal..

    I thought I was going crazy being the only one..

    It started yesterday and has gotten progressively worse..

    I talked to them on the phone a couple times this morning and the person I talked to said there was nothing wrong...

    Guess they didn't want to admit it for different reasons..

    I'm in Puerto Rico so I couldn't say for sure there wasn't a hang up between here and there..
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    Ok.. they must have done something cause now it's back to speedy...

    Hope it lasts..
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    maxbounty under attack again I guess..

    Slow as heck and links not working..

    I wish these kids would find some other sites to practice their hacking skills on...

    Yeah kids... there's a lot of really bad web sites out there... Get it together baby...
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