Promote 1 CPA offer or multiple?

by csgcsg
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Hello guys, I am all set to start on my CPA journey after reading lots of information here.

I just have few questions though before I launch my site, can some experience marketer share with me is it better to promote only 1 offer or have 2 offers so customers can choose which is better?

Also, should one add adsense offers together with CPA? Would this distract my customers to seeing so many offers when they land at my website?

I plan to offer 1 CPA offer without any adsense or other promotions whatsoever and track my results, and after perhaps a while, when I am no longer getting orders, I'll remove the CPA offer and put in some adsense to generate some income.

Of course this is just my theory, and I would appreciate those who have been there and done that to enlighten me more

Thanks in advance
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    If you are setting up a review site kinda, then u have have 2-3 offers. But if you are aiming for targeted traffic for a particular product, then stick with one.

    You are right about adsense. It is a distraction specially because you are trying to sell something here. First test with out adsense. If you are getting lot of traffic but no conversion, monetize the traffic by adding in adsense.
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    This is just MY opinion....

    DO NOT use adsense on your page. You are trying to get your CPA offer to convert. That is all your site should be doing!

    As to how many offers, it depends on how your site is set up. Review sites are great for multiple offers as are "generic" sites.

    So, lets say you have a site geared toward "Free Resveratrol Trial Offers", you could list several different resveratrol products.

    Or you could do a site on "Free Reseveratrol Select Trial Offer".

    I like to start off generic and split test different offers to see which one works. Once I find a winner I will ramp it up!

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    My 2 cents opinion...

    make a poll or a survey about something on your landing page...

    and then redirect them to your cpa offer

    Hopefully this help!!
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    thanks for all the inputs! im all ready to launch 3 offers on monday, will update as it goes

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    What I have experienced is adsense works for low traffic sites and sites with non US traffic. But if you have a high US traffic site, you can easily do with cpa networks - but choose the best products for your site.

    If you have a car website, a car tyre ad of $500 would get conversion than a golden jewellery ad worth $5000.

    Just place related products...

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    I agree that focusing on one offer and really mastering it is the best way to start. Once you have it drilling, you can then focus on another offer and double up the money.
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    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

    The key for me was to pick one good paying CPA Offer. I started out with one that paid $10. I created a simple blog on the subject.

    I was then able to promote in several different creative ways but I did not have to worry about the latest hot offer that everyone else was chasing.

    I ended up doing quite well with that single offer and that allowed me to get some really great tools to expand.
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    If doing CPA - usually it's best to stay away from adsense

    However - you should always test everything - try with and without and see what makes more money
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    I think cpa is best to be used without adsense. And there are some cpa network that wont accept you if your site is full with adsense ads
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      I have to agree with the others that recommend avoiding adsense. Your ultimate goal is to convince your users to click the CPA offer(s) and follow through with the offer. I really recommend limiting the number of links on your page that will pull your users away from that goal.
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    I have learnt to ALWAYs test multiple Offers .. That would mean ALWAYs because some offers would JUST NOT PAY or convert or SRUB like a brat
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