How to Send Thousands of Hungry Buyers to your Site

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I attended a seminar today on how to make money from fiverr. There I was told I could place a gig that I can deliver 1,000 visitors to site daily for $5. The man added that immediately someone contacted me that he needed my service I should just go to dailytraffic to buy traffic. Do you see him as a good mentor?
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    I don't think he is a good mentor. I mean he may help if you want to make a little bit of money with fiverr. But it will only be a small amount of money.

    And in my experience that kind of traffic is garbage and it won't get people subscribers or anything that will be useful to them. So if you want to make a little money by giving people something they think they need but in reality it won't do anything for them then he may be a good mentor for you.

    But if you can find out some actual good ways to get legitimate high quality traffic then you will be able to make a lot more money. And you can use that traffic for your own purposes too. The best way i think is to start your own list of subscribers using an autoresponder.

    Then use your good traffic method to get your high quality traffic in and it will generate subscribers for you. Then you can promote offers to them that are legitimate which will help them in their business, such as your own excellent quality method to get high quality traffic. Then when they buy from your offers you will get a percentage of the money they spend as an affiliate, and not only that you will have helped someone and not scammed them, and actually gave them something that they were looking for.

    The internet is filled with scams and if you can catch people's attention and give them something of value then I think you will be more satisfied with the work you're doing because you're actually helping people.

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    It's not a bad idea to get a Fiverr gig offering traffic. As anyone with a website needs traffic. But your gig will get bad reviews and will fail quickly if you mislead people in what you are actually offering them.

    Everyone knows that "good" traffic isn't cheap. And with a headline that emphasizes "thousands of hungry buyers to your site" is very misleading and will ruin your reputation on Fiverr.

    It's not worth it. And if there's anything you don't want to lose, it's your reputation. Find a way to genuinely delivery value to people. Then they will love you for it, and you can truly become very profitable.

    But anyone that's advising you to mislead people just to make a sale isn't a good mentor.

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