Is a CPA link a referral link?

by YaniB
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I'm fairly new to the CPA world, so forgive me if this is a rhetorical/redundant question.

I want to use free forum traffic (not this forum ), but the forum rules say that no referral links are allowed.

Is that the same as a CPA link, to an email submit, for example?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Hi Yani,

    Yes, your CPA link is your affiliate link by which your actions are tracked by the affiliate network of which you are promoting the offers. Most of the forums, including Warrior Forum doesn't allow affiliate links. However there are exceptions (premium membership, activity to name a few)

    I would like to mention another thing that most affiliate networks don't allow their affiliate links to be promoted in Forums and blog comments. Play safe and ask your affiliate manager if you have any doubts....
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      Thanks, I was aware what an affiliate link is, I just wasn't sure of the terminology in terms of the actual word 'referral' in particular

      Now that I know that the two are indeed the same, I will alter my method. Thanks again!

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    Yeah, many networks like PeerFly don't like their links spread through forums because of spammers.
    Make sure to check with your AM.
    You can also try building a listing by using the link to your squeeze page in the signature.
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