I have Got accepted in CPA WAY

by crespy
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YEEES , this is my first cpa network. i expressed how much i am serious and i have got accepted without a phone call, only my domain name i told him that i am a webdesigner that's all

but i am afraid to ask them a question is adfly is allowed to be used form ppv ? or it's considered as scamming ?

if any one new or begannier like me and would like to know how i got accepted in only 24 H i will provide him with all the information
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    I would love to get info if you can send me via message. Congrats and good luck with your work.
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      Originally Posted by Christian Grey View Post

      I would love to get info if you can send me via message. Congrats and good luck with your work.

      Christian first of all forgive me for my poor English i am not a native speaker.
      What i have noticed that any CPA network will not reject you if you expressed how much you are serious about it, i did not receive a phone call or any interview not even chatting. all what i said is that i am a professional web-designer i created an email on my domain name, my domain name is all about ( offline ) advertising because i have an advertising agency concerned with propaganda for the shops,clinic,Etc... after creating the email i registered and mentioned that i am very intrested to join your network and how much i am obsessed with online games, also i have guides and secrets about online games like Ikariam , travian etc... actually the felt that i am serious because i mentioned that i will only use PPC ads, no free traffic !!! it's all about paid traffic, facebook ppc or any ppv network. when they feel that you would like to invest you will never get rejected from networks that accept newbie for sure don't do that with peerfly i did that and i was rejected. so you can start with CPA way and any help i will be there
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    Congrats. You made it through the first step.
    Now, pick an offer (Ask your AM) and traffic source to start testing.

    Yes, Adfly would be considered as CPV/PPV traffic but tbh the quality of that traffic is very poor.
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      You should definitely look into mobile traffic - specifically buzzcity because that thing is taking off and it is not the BEST quality traffic but with some testing and tweaking you can get what you want out of it!
      Let our lean, healthy and shredded WordPress Plugins make you more money... start here.
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    Please I need you help to open mine
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    I always had good experience with CPA WAY was with them for a few years. never had a payment issue and they sent me regular bonuses.
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