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Hola Warriors. I've decided to make the leap from my hole and start asking questions. I've been in knowledge gathering mode for the past few months and wanted to see what your 'go-to' sites/blogs were for constant knowledge/updates on the industry. My go-to sites are obviously this one, affposts, and i'm all about Charles Ngo (just another minion). Any other sites/blogs you guys follow?

My game plan is to focus on email submit/biz opp/dating niches affiliate offers. Haven't narrowed down my exact strategy in regards to traffic but i'll probably start with cheap PPC campaigns to get my feet wet. I'd like to progress to list building using a blog/squeeze pages/data purchases/solo mailers etc.

Still very new but knowledge is power and you peeps got the power.
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    Honestly, those "I'm a highschool dropout millionaire affiliate" blogs like Ngo, Finch, etc. won't really help you when you're starting out - too much fuel for fantasizing, and no real actionable information. Their game is getting people engaged in their writing and clicking their aff links -- which means you'll feel like you're making progress while reading them, but 6 months later all you'll have is a lighter wallet.

    Truth is, CPA isn't really that complicated to get started - you need a budget, ONE traffic source, ONE vertical, several angles to test, and a tracking system. Once you have that, the only way to learn is to test test test and not jump all over the place until you get results.

    Once you have succeeded through your own tests, start networking and getting involved with people in the industry one on one (traffic sources, affiliates, etc.) and then you'll get to share real information and tips. But you have to start small and figure out what works for YOU before you even bother trying to learn tricks of the trade or read about "updates in the industry."

    Point is: choose a single vertical (not email submits), find a traffic source, set up tracking, come up with some landing pages / ads and get to work. Don't even bother getting all creative in the beginning -- steal some ads and lps (remove tracking codes) and test them -- see what works and start improving on it. Find a traffic source via browsing the internet and looking at the URL of the ads you see.

    If you haven't experienced that, how will you even know what is viable information and what is garbage designed to make people feel like failures so they buy some product? If I was you, I'd block all forums and "guru" blogs and just focus on doing the work. Otherwise, you'll still be in this position two years from now, hunting that one blogger who'll reveal the real secrets.
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    Those blogs are good, and they provide valuable information.
    Also, the products they recommend are actually worth buying unlike most of the products released in IM everyday.
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