How do these download sites get away with this?

by Raydal
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I've been to several download (software) sites such as CNET downloads,
and when you click on the "download" button it takes you to a page
full of "fake" download links which are really Adsense ads.

Now it is clear that they are trying to trick you into clicking the wrong
download button. My question is how do they get away with this?

-Ray Edwards
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    Well as with an big sites like this that gets a ton of organic traffic, Google allows them to get away with pretty much whatever, because this is what makes them money.

    Same when it comes to Adwords, they let the big Insurance and Financial Companies say whatever they want in their adcopy and have whatever on their landing page, but since they are paying $50.00+ per click, they can get away with it.

    So it's all about money and revenue. When you're either paying a ton of money for something, or generating a ton of money for someone, you get to bend/break the rules and even get away with murder.

    That's why in my opinion, Google is the biggest hypocrite when it comes to their "User Safety Policy".

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    I think it's because those are the ads that are being placed there by their advertisers. Google gets paid every time someone clicks on one of those ads, so it really doesn't affect Google negatively.

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    Essentially yeah, Google is making money from them most likely so they wouldn't see the harm.
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  • If you are big you can do all kinds of evil nasty stuff but if small people do the exact same thing they can go to jail in a hartbeat, big guys just pay a fine (once in a while). The rules are not the same.
    soon people... Relax...
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