Is There A Media Buy Expert Here?

by kb24
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I want to dive into media buying. I have read and googled as much information that I could find on the topic. From what I get from reading is this:

Is it just finding relevant sites for your offers?
You need to keep testing until you find the right formula
Create your own banners

The thing is I just want to keep it simple and don't over complicate things. I am with peerfly and I know what traffic source I would like to use. (and stick with that one traffic source)

Is there anything else I have to look for? Any advice would be appreciated thanks..
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    Well firstly, you definitely want to test and find as many working traffic sources as possible. Never depend on a single traffic source, because if they go away, change their advertising rules and or decide to kick you off for whatever reason, your entire business wouldn't be gone over night.

    You can always test one traffic source at a time, but the idea is once you find something that works, you can scale it up, but more importantly you should be onto finding another traffic source that works just as well. Build as much redundancy in your traffic as possible.

    If you got the skill of creating your own banners, go for it. You can also outsource these kind of things for dirt cheap as well. But it's not about how pretty the banner is, it's about "grabbing the attention" of your prospects and giving a clear call to action for them to check out what you have to offer. But be careful about being too misleading. Because there should congruency between your ad/banner, landing page and actual offer.

    Now depending on what niches and verticals you are running, I can probably recommend specific traffic sources to start with. But AdclickMedia is one of the places that offers a wide variety of options for media buys. And even TrafficVance now offers PPC based banner and textlink ads. Those would be great places to start, as they have offer advertising for almost every niche.

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    Anyone else?
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    Thanks but does anyone know if he teaches direct site buys or going through an ad network? I am leaning towards going with an ad network..
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    You can use competitive intelligence softwares like WhatRunsWhere or AdBeat to explore a large database for websites for direct to site buys. If you know what kind of people you are targeting, you can also use quantcast and alexa to get some free data such as what demographic is hanging around at certain websites.

    The data by quantcast and alexa isn't 100% accurate, but I find it to be quite accurate most of the time, especially for larger websites.

    As of ad networks, you might want to start with SiteScout.

    (I'm not sure whether you want to go with ad network or direct to site buys?)
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