How can I create FB ads that reach only people interested in IM?

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How should I optimize my ad to reach only people that are interested in the IM field.

And if I set the max bid to $0.01/CPM (per 1000 views) is there a chance that the ad might not be shown?How does this work?
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    In such a competitive market for just $0.01 you will have to do a really good job to get your ads shown, and for that you have to start with a bigger budget, get a good CTR and then *maybe* FB will consider your ads relevant and charge you just $0.01 CPM.

    Regarding targeting I will just do a research on which IM sites have FB pages or groups and start by targeting people who like those pages.

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    How can I target people who like specific pages?

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    If you set the Max bid to 1 cent per 1,000 impressions, you won't get any impressions unless you are targeting Bangladesh or something.

    To target people in specific pages you will need an additional software to grab the emails of users, and then upload it as a custom audience.

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    You'll be able to target users based on what they 'like' Use terms such as internet marketing, affiliate marketing, online business etc. You just don't want to target to specifically or you'll minimize your overall reach too drastically.
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      $0.01 per 1000 impressions practically doesn't exist!

      All you get will be useless views and you'll be wasting your time and money.

      You'll need to understand exactly what are your target audience and use their interests in your targeting. Of course, your ad copy is also very important!
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    Originally Posted by Kristi1603 View Post

    How should I optimize my ad to reach only people that are interested in the IM field.

    And if I set the max bid to $0.01/CPM (per 1000 views) is there a chance that the ad might not be shown?How does this work?
    Target by interest, but you will need to bid much higher than that, that is one of the more competitive and expensive niches
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    What you mean is 1cent per click. I will advise you to focus on micro targetting your niche rather than your cost per click. IM is wide so you may still need to narrow down. Conversion are likelier to increase if you micro target i.e. get high EPC's
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    When you advertise on facebook you need to know your audience.
    Ask yourself these questions:
    -who are they?
    -what do they like?
    -where do they live?
    -their sex and age?
    and all the demographics you can
    The more you know about the people you want to advertise to , the better your adverts will deliver.

    All the best,
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    Let’s review all of the targeting criteria available to us when creating a Facebook ad.

    There are 15 Ad criteria.

    The first 4 about Location.(Country, State, City, Zip)
    5) Age, 6) Gender, 7) Precise Interests ,
    8) Broad Categories

    Some examples :
    • Small business owners (6.4 million in the US)
    • People engaged for 1 year (2.3 million in the US)
    • Hispanic (9 million in the US)
    • Has a birthday in the next week (2.8 million in the US)
    • Soccer fans (8.7 million in the US)
    9) Connections , 10) Friends of Connections ,

    11-15) Advanced Targeting Options

    Here you can fine tune your Ad audience :

    • Interested In: This allows a business to target Facebook users according to the gender they are interested in for a friendship, dating, a relationship or networking.
    • Relationship Status: This allows a business to target Facebook users that are married, single, engaged, or in a relationship.
    • Languages: This targeting option is best used when targeting an audience that speaks a language that is different from most of the people in the targeted geography.
    • Education: This option enables the targeting of Facebook users that are in high school, college, or a college graduate. Businesses can also target Facebook users that went to a specific school, study a specific topic, or for current college students, their expected graduation date.
    • Workplaces: Targeting Facebook users by where they work can be useful in various B2B, job search, and industry specific scenarios.

    Facebook has help for everything about.

    Hope I help my friend.
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    Affiliate marketing, blogging and web hosting can convert on just good old cold traffic. Target it down to some people who have jobs and make money and tweak your CTR.

    It's not that hard to get conversion on this - anyone with a job that's out of college / high school wants to earn more money.

    Don't market it as "Affiliate Marketing" but about earning extra money through a side business. Just be careful with how you word this stuff because it can trigger FB to ban the ad if they think it's too scammy.

    Other stuff that works with untargeted (I should say semi-untargeted) traffic: Health offers.
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