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Is there any source that clearly describes what hostnpost is? I can only find vauge references to it. The reason I ask is I've had two affiliate managers thinking I'm using it for their network when I think I'm not. I get vague responses back that I'm ok, but still clearly don't know what I'm talking about in terms of what exactly hostnpost is, how it normally works, and if there are any related issues of fraud (or other common problems).

I need to understand what I'm doing and I obviously don't.
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    What is Host & Post?

    To increase the likelihood that a potential consumer will fill out the lead form, some advertisers allow their affiliates to “Host” the form. This way a potential customer doesn’t get sent to a third party page before submitting their information. Once the potential customer submits the information on the affiliate’s site, the affiliate then posts the lead to the Advertiser. This process is commonly referred to as Host and Post or “White-Labeling”, and can be used by Advertisers and Lead Gen Affiliate Networks using the HasOffers platform.

    (Taken from - Lean Gen / Host-and-Post – HasOffers Support)
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    Unless the advertiser or network is clueless they should be able to see WITHOUT A DOUBT if you are hosting and posting or just sending traffic. They can easily block you from hosting and posting as well if they wanted to. Silly question for them to ask you.
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