Legitimate iframe use of offers.

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Obviously there is a common fraud technique to put an affiliate link in a 1 pixel iframe. However are there any general best practices for using these in a legitimate way, specifically for CPA actions where the entire advertiser page is visible in an iframe?
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    My worry about iframing offers is rumor has it some versions of IE will drop the cookie (assuming the offer uses cookies)

    I've seen people add a custom header and iframe the rest of the page
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    I have been using iframes for years with no problems.

    I iframe the whole page

    I have not use them for CPA offers

    Mainly affiliate products
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      Simply ask your affiliate manager. Most networks allow iFraming. Some have rules, others don't care how you do it, some require approval, so just ask and you should find out for that specific network!

      I do it all the time personally.
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      • Thanks for the replies, that's quite helpful as a frame of reference. Has anybody (reading this) used framed offers with SSL, or avoided SSL due to issues with non-ssl content not loading?
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          I used to iframe the whole merchant site in order to kind of do direct linking, as I know the conversion rate would be a lot higher in Adwords if the traffic went straight to the offer.

          This won't work anymore but I now ONLY stick to "host and post" offers, which means the merchant allows me to create my own version of their product/site and I simply iframe their form/checkout page. Although I do prefer PHP forms as I can customize the design with CSS so it looks much more professional and gives me a better conversion rate.

          This passes Google's guidelines as well as I'm now in control of my site and it's not seen as a bridge page violation. My conversion rate is therefore naturally a lot higher as well which also means higher ROI too

          Read my incredible story: www.affiliatechamp.co.uk
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