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I'm newbie in cpa offers, and I know that is not easy to be accepted in cpa networks, so there is any cpa networks that accept newbies? my budget is 1000$
Thank you
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    You not need to pay to be accepted on CPA networks,the most of them are free.
    You can try jvzoo,clickbank,etc that are free cpa networks and start from here.
    You will need just the audience to promote this offers to(you can promote on website,email list,blog,etc)
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    I'd start with maxbounty and peerfly. Both are top notch and both are very reasonable about approvals
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    That's definitely not a problem, when I started, I had almost no experience and money when I started, but got accepted and succeeded very fast.

    Will be happy to help you if you have questions on how and where to start, you can drop me a PM.


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    You can find some big CPA network by some big company, like Changyou'network Geemobi Top Exclusive Mobile Offers Network
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    I started as a complete noob in a CPA network, I did have some PPD background knowledge, so that helped, but I think I didn't even know what "CPA" even stands for when I first signed up

    I'll PM you with some details
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    Most CPA networks don't require a lot of previous experience, they just require that you have the right mindset and guidance.

    Show them that you're professional and that you intend to build a long-term relationship with their company.

    Explain how you will be promoting the offers and make it clear for them that you won't be using their offers to test a bunch of methods. Instead, show them that you know what you're doing and have a direction or proper guidance.

    Also, don't forget to call them or get on Skype with them after submitting the application. You can find the Skype IDs here:

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  • Maxbounty is best for newbies if you get approved.
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      Originally Posted by saleemahmdal View Post

      Maxbounty is best for newbies if you get approved.
      Not true...what if I told you there is a Affiliate network that will work specifically with newbies...a network that is unlike any other CPA affiliate network?

      Would you believe me? I've had the opportunity to work for and with them hand in hand.

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    Maxbounty and Peerfly. Maxbounty is awesome! Especially because they pay weekly which makes it much easier when managing your cash-flow.
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    I'll suggest you to find a mentor and open account with him
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    Yes Exactly what other guru are saying Maxbounty and Peerfly.
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    Interested learning about your network Gregory, Just pm'd you.
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    I recommend Maxbounty. Peerfly is also good but currently accept affiliates a little hard.
    So go with Maxbounty and after submitting your info wait for approval.

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    Needed this just applied for Peerfly really ready to get started. Still waiting on approval. Think I will try Maxbounty as well.

    Is there a limit on how many affliate networks you can sign up with or does it have an effect on them approving you if you are with others networks?
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      It depends upon how much time can you spend on them. Too many and you will not able to stay with them. Some Interneters have 100 plus but they also have VAs and internal people working for them. I like the ones that have great track records on paying and stability on offers.
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    Peerflt, Maxbounty, Clickdealer
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