Convert No-Show traffic settings to Social Signals

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I'm talking about No-Show settings, when there are no offers available for specific countries or if you for example, turn off mobile sign up (PIN offers) and different costly offers, all those people will instead be required to share your site in order to unlock the content.

This works great for me because I get most leads from US, UK & AU (free surveys and downloads) so that traffic is continuing to covert with an awesome CR, while the offers which cost users real money and have a terrible CR are instead allowed to share your website (or any URL you set) in order to access the content.

Take a look at the image below, I got 194 social shares within 3-4 days, now this is from a site where its traffic volume consists of only 150-200 visitors a day.

You can use this effectively for some social signals towards your site, to promote your Facebook fan page etc.

Now I don't know if your CPA network has this option but in case it does, don't forget to use this to your advantage.
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