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My Facebook fan page has around 5,000 fans but I've noticed that I get very little organic engagement from my posts. I usually post pics, videos, or links to related news. Sometimes I post a link to my blog which has a poll-style landing page. I've tried using Sponsored Posts to send my fans to my blog poll but my campaigns weren't profitable - I broke even. I didn't succeed due to the cost of Sponsored Posts and the low payout of email submits.

A lower cost strategy I'm tempted to try is buying likes for specific posts on my fan page that point to my blog. I can get around 200 likes for $5. If my real fans see that my post has 200 likes (even though the likes aren't from fans), they might be interested in clicking the link to my blog.

***The only thing I'm worried about is Facebook's policy towards buying likes.

Has anyone here bought fan page post likes? If so, has Facebook banned you? or disabled your fan page?
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    Haven't heard Facebook having any problems with bought likes. Though be careful to not buy fake likes for your fan page because that will screw up your reach.
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    Organic reach and therefore engagement has been quite dismal on Facebook lately for pages. The only way to ensure a user sees your post is if they subscribe to notifications for your page. You can try and communicate this to them since it can be an asset, but even that is a bit difficult since you need reach and engagement in the first place to get that message out there.

    Have you tried boosting specific posts that you think your fans would really like? (HQ content) That will get some more eyes on the blog and perhaps your fans to start checking back regularly.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks JoeFerguson and Ledux for your replies. My fan page is about a WWE wrestler. I've been trying to think of what would be considered high quality content for this. The only things I can think of would be news, pics, and videos about the wrestler.

      I know people are passionate about him (he's one of the most popular WWE wrestlers) but for some reason people on my fan page aren't interested in clicking on news links about him. This puzzles me.

      I've also read on WF about fan page owners funneling their fans off Facebook and onto their mailing list via a t-shirt giveaway. As far as I know, this goes against Facebook's sweepstakes/contest TOS. I don't want to risk having my fan page disabled by advertising a t-shirt giveaway through Sponsored Posts.

      Has anyone had any success getting their fans to sign up for their mailing list?

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    I don't still have any success getting my fans to sign up for my mailing list. But I think there are some technical issues on facebook regarding reaching posts to fans.

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