how can i increase my CPA revenue ?

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i am a new user on cpa network i want someone give me advises to increase my CPA revenue and i will be happy if someone help me
thankyou =)
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    What have you been doing with your CPA until now?

    Also your Signature goes to a Godaddy parked domain.
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    Originally Posted by thepromarketer View Post

    i am a new user on cpa network i want someone give me advises to increase my CPA revenue and i will be happy if someone help me
    thankyou =)
    Usually it's just a matter of scaling your campaigns as many CPA offers already have a lot of traffic already. You can scale to a new traffic source or just broaden up your keywords and expand your existing campaigns.

    When you move to a new traffic source you might lose money for a while during testing or may not have the same margins so you will have to adjust your landing pages and everything accordingly to make the most profits.

    Finally you can build a list and promote multiple offers to your leads before passing them to the network by using a squeeze page and offering a bonus or something to get them to hand over their email. If you don't want to lose leads you can do this on exit traffic too. Or build a funnel and give them multiple offers (some CPA offers also have backend offers too that you can make commissions on). You might need to talk to your AM about that though.
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      Though, I have to admit cpa isn't my strong suit, I have researched some wso's here on the forum in the past and found some gold nuggets that, I have no doubt, at least, if implemented properly would yield some positive results.

      One that comes to mind, is a wso by Fergal Downes, aka Footbag_Man from a few months ago. It's on my hardrive somewhere.

      Anyway, pretty clever idea.

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    Well, if you're finding some success already and just want to make more, then scaling is your next step. You want to make sure that you're actually at a point where you should be scaling however. Talking to your Affiliate Manager would be a good idea before you begin sending more volume to a specific offer(s)
    Increase your revenue and earn a $1000 bonus as a new affiliate at!

    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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    What are you currently doing? If we know that we can try to help you scale that up
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    I would recommend focusing on building a list (as this will be your business asset for life). Create a capture page and a blog with an opt in form. Create content such as blogs, videos, articles with a call to action. You can offer free gifts to encourage people to fill in their email. Share your content with your list and alternate with offers. Clickbank is a great place to start as many offers have jv pages with pre-made tested emails that you can use - just add your affiliate link. Good luck!
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    Do your homework on what you are promoting and the customer you are promoting it to for better demographics. Talk with your affiliate manager for some ideas on better conversions to promote for your niche, get some some good reports that go along with your product for gift optins on your squeeze page, do some tests with some presell videos, make sure you learn how to grow and take care of a healthy mailing list. Listen and apply what Anji recommended. Keep coming back and asking questions. Keep working it, making it better, over and over
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    Adwork media has a nice built in genie to help with revenue strategies!
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