Please suggest Adsense Alternative

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I have submitted my website for approval to adsense, but still no response. Kindly suggest some best alternative to show add on my Dog Training website.

My website Dog Training Tips

Which network is best for pet niche...
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  • Done my setting with chitika.. Let see how it goes..
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    you can use CPA Ad networks.
    Amazon is good chice for Pet niche ....

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    with chitika you you need traffic from usa and gold status, trust me you will make as mush as adsense
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    Buid a list and promote clickbank and cpa offers.
    Trust me you will make much more.
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  • Profile picture of the author ChrisBa, infolinks, or cpa offers would be my best options
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    Try out or Infolinks. better Adsense Alternatives.
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    you can try or amazon site
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    Check out some of these CB offers related to your niche. Dog Training Offers
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    I think if you can get adsense that would be best for you. But It has become difficult to get adsense this days. As an alternative of adsense I am using Propeller Ads Media. These are the reasons why I choose them

    1.Automatic ad campaign optimization system by country and by site
    2.Highest CPM rates among ad networks for Onclick format
    3.More than 3000 active ad campaigns worldwide
    4.Quick and responsive support team with your personal account manager
    5.Manual check to exclude all unsafe and suspicious advertisers
    6.Detailed and convenient real-time reporting
    7.Convenient and in-time payouts – the hold policy from net 15
    8.100% of your inventory is monetized - easy sign-up form and quick start
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  • Thanks for all inputs.

    I am running a viral video blog.. which network will work for viral video blog? Kindly suggest
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    IF your site is currently in review with Adsense, get those ads off your site.

    Your site is plastered with Chitika ads already. Not something you want a reviewer to see when they visit your site for inspection.
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    bidvertiser worked really well for me in the past. At one point I used them interchangeably with AS. But I hear it is not the same today. Still worth checking it out.

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    Chris has a point! If your website is still being reviewed, they won't like it when they see you're alreaty using other ad networks!
    @qwikad I heard the same thing about bidvertiser, same goes for many other ad networks as well unfortunately.
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    Bing is great.....

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  • This is my viral blog

    My adsense account approved. I have created new adunit and placed the ad in Wordpress siebar widger, but the ad doest appears.. Any suggestion?
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    try to find at
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    If you have enough traffic and high quality content you may be able to run Google AdX. It's like a big brother product to AdSense and usually only available to larger publishers. It also pays better than AdSense. You can PM me if you would like to know more.
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    Adsense is obviously the top choice. As your adsense account is approved, stick with it. Please DO NOT put any chitika ads or any other ads with adsense [except for Bing]. Three ads in one page are more than enough. Getting adsense is easy, keeping it and earning good money out of it is the difficult part. Good Luck.
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    Amazon affiliates

    But AdSense has no perfect alternative
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    Adsense is the best option but it is not so easy to get Adsense. As an alternative of Ad sense you can use PropellerAds, Chikita, Infolinks, RevenueHits. I have worked with PropellerAds, Chitika, Infolinks. PropellerAds is offering highest CPM rates among then. You can make upto $10 per thousand CPM for Onclick Ads.
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    Is there really and Adsense alternative that is really worth using? What is the payout percentage in comparison to Adsense?
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    I am using bidvertiser and getting ECPM of 2$ . Seems good to me.

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    recently tried mgid , did fairly well.. you can try to submit your website there..

    min payout 50 usd for paypal

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