Need a Guide On How To Write Ad Copy For PPC & Text For Banner Ads

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Hi guys,
Does anyone know of a guide that teaches how to write killer ad copy for ppc ads and text for banners ect..

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    I'm not sure about specifically PPC/Banner copy, but always have great advice for any type of copywriting, I'm sure there's something over there that you could relate to and find useful.

    Copywriting 101: How to Craft Compelling Copy
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    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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    Hi jimkirk 1943,

    Let's say you want to advertise for an antivirus software or website. You can start by testing 3-5 ad copies each ad copy targeting 5-8 keywords.

    Avoid using some words like ( FREE, 100%, Guarantee, Click Here Now), etc..
    With that said, try to make your ad copy for PPC looks like:

    Computer Antivirus <==== Title
    Learn How To Protect Your Computer <==== Body
    From Hackers, Crackers, & Viruses! <===== Body <===== Display URL

    PC Antivirus Software <==== Title
    Protect Your PC From Unwanted Virus <==== Body
    And Creepy Hackers From Spying <===== Body <===== Display URL

    Hope that helps
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