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Hello Facebook Experts.

I need help for analyze my facebook campaign as below screenshot. Please review

I created two layers one Men and Female with same interest

For T-shirt design inbox me.

Suggest me I continue this campaign or kill!

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  • Are you getting conversions? If so, which
    layer is getting you the conversions?

    No one can advise you to keep or kill the campaign
    without knowing if you're getting conversions and from

    Check here https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/reporting.php
    which demographic, and device is getting you the conversions,
    also the different ages, so you can properly kill whatever is bleeding
    you money.
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      No not get single conversion on both layer.
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  • Then let it run for another $20, so far with $3
    you don't have enough data/reach to know if the
    campaign will have success or not
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    GilbertoHernandez is correct. You want to spend at least $20 and if you have no sales then kill it. Sometimes if you have a ton of shares and comments and no sales you can run it another $20 because it could be a late runner but not always. I have dropped my budget way down before and a few sales have come in. Just an idea for you and something I do sometimes. If I'm testing a new shirt and I don't know if it's a winner I will run my ads straight to my shopify store. That way if I get 1 sale I can recoup some of my testing ad money back. I can then fulfill it with Tshirtgang.com who will print 1 with no minimums. If you use teespring and you don't hit 5 then you lose your money and the 1 person that may have bought you shirt doesn't get it.

    I build Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Provide Training. Feel free to check out my demo bot https://m.me/botsguy

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