How I Can Track Kickstarter Donations?

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I'm putting together a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. What is crowdfunding? Entrepreneurs display presentations for products that interest audiences who contribute to their development.

I have several marketers who will send traffic to my campaign on a CPA basis. The action is a contribution. If Marketer 'A' sends a prospect who contributes $25, Marketer 'A' receives $5. If Marketer 'B' sends a prospect he receives $5. etc.

Is there a way to track and pay these marketers for donations made by people they send to my site and contribute to my campaign? Pay them not for the traffic they send, but rather, for actual donations?

Here's an example of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign:

The presentations are on Kickstarter's server. Any idea how I can track and pay these marketers?

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