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I'm just getting into affiliate marketing, specifically the dating niche. There are quite a few ways to get photos for your landing pages and ads, of course either taking them yourself, paying for them to be taken for you, purchasing royalty free, stock photos, or by downloading photos under the creative commons license (specifically allowing commercial use and modification). My issue is that anywhere I look for photos online, I cannot find good selfies of people to use in the ads for a dating website. Does anyone have a source for these types of pictures that can be used legally under the creative commons license?

In case you need some sources for photos to use on your own sites and ads, here are a few I've found.

Free Images & Stock Photos by
Public Domain Pictures - Free Stock Photos
Pixabay - Free Images
everystockphoto - searching free photos
Free Photos - Free Images - Free Stock Photos - free stock photos
CC Search
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