I made £61 today on Adsense

by dadi22
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Not something I usually bother with anymore but just before Christmas I noticed in my site stats that one of my sites was receiving more visitors than I thought. Not a huge amount, averaging eighty people a day but I had honestly not given it much thought.

I run approx.33 sites out of which I update three of them daily, six of them once a week and the rest just get a post once a month or once every two months if I am really lazy.

Anyway, I saw a post on another forum and I implemented what this guy had said but I wanted to do it on a site that didn't matter to me that much - just in case it all went tits. I did this on the 22nd Dec and I checked adsense this morning (as I was looking to implement it on another site) and noticed the increase in income.

Funnily enough, up until April 2013 I was earning about £2,200 a month from adsense but my site disappeared overnight, as did my earnings from that, so haven't really bothered with it since.

I will post the method which he did (and which I copied) on here later...It's not rocket science (think silos) but I need some time to write it out because out of respect to WarriorForum, I won't give the name of the other forum.

And lastly, I couldn't post in the adsense forum as it is being revamped.
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