Any tips on promoting Green Coffee?

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I would like to promote Green Coffee as an affiliate via facebook ads.

But the problem that occured is, who is my target group?
"Green coffee" is far too low, lower than 1,000 people, "dieting" is way too high (30 million).
Also I would have a tool to create a custom audience (csv file with facebook email addresses), but same problem here, to create that file at first I would have to know WHOM to include in this file.
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    Try promoting it with 7Search.

    One of my friends got huge success with 7Search ads.
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      Originally Posted by kulwantnagi View Post

      Try promoting it with 7Search.

      One of my friends got huge success with 7Search ads.
      I never used 7Search before. But I suppose it works similiar to FB ads? Then I also would need a target group first.
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      Originally Posted by mazzuca View Post

      YouTube and Craigslist
      Youtube??? Hm I only see about 1,000 videos there and almost all of them have very low views, e.g. 1000 views in a whole year. CL, well, I tried with LA and did not even find any ad related to Green Coffee.
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    IMO don't promote this on facebook, your better off using a different traffic source such as ppv or ppc
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    Green coffee and promoting with 7search? Hey guys, trust on me I personally checked 7search traffic and quality is really low. Specially for promoting offers like green coffee.

    But I recommend to first make your landing page(if you don't have) then start with some high quality traffic source(there are lots of ad networks with high quality traffic) and optimize your campaign.

    To your success
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      If you are going with fb ads for promoting green coffee, then you should have good source for cloaker and then market it to audience like fitness, Dieting, Weight loss etc., and dont just promote one offer, club it with another one, Two-step offers (ask your AM about it)

      You should also have good LP that converts (ask your AM about it, he can be really helpful regarding that and giving out few working banners and headlines as well).

      The 7search traffic in my opinion also is really bad, don't go for it.
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    most of these type of offers get the ban hammer on FB. FB is not a big fan of diet pills / supplements / and trial offers.

    so if you want to run it there, id recommend building a list
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    Bing would be a better source of traffic for you. If you want to promote with Facebook direct traffic to a landing page with an opt-in, send some good content first before you promote green coffee. Once you have their email addresses you can promote several offers too.
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    the problem is green coffe at least on my affiliate network doesnt except email traffic
    My affiliate offers don't
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    My advice on promoting green coffee: Don't.

    Green coffee has pretty much been discredited and shown to be worthless. You might make a bit of money with it, but only for a very short time, since none of the green coffee products are worth buying.
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    Well as you just stated green coffee is a term that is ranked low for facebook traffic.

    Not unless you are getting a moderate to high amount of commissions it won't be worth it to pay for advertisement.

    If I for example was wanting to sell "polka dot sweatshirts" and only 500 people are fans of it on facebook, and I only get $2 per sale. It would definitely not be worth my time and money to make ads on facebook for this particular product.

    If on the other hand I had a very simple way to generate 100 leads a day with half of them converting for free, then it would be worth my time and effort.

    You have to make decisions based upon how great your ROI will be not simply because you want to promote the product.
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