How to promote my web design company when I have no clients?

by yako
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So I launched my web design company a few months ago. Since then I did some AdWords Campaigns and FB ads... with very few questions and 0 clients.

The crazy part is that I get lots of likes on my FB page and lots of compliments on my website... but clients are not converting.

I guess one of the reasons is because I have no "work" to show. I see many other companies with these big portfolios...I don't have one.. I am new (how am I suppose to have one!)

It is getting really frustrating by now as I knew I could offer a quality service. I am starting to think that without 'connections' maybe it is not the right business to be in.

Any tips?

Thanks for your time
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    Start designing things just to show your talents. Design squeeze pages, landers, full websites, banners, everything! Just make them for fictitious companies.
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    I used to do website design full time on That is a great place for you to not only get new clients, but it's a great way to get a solid portfolio started. If you've never used elance and have no feedback on there, no problem.

    It'll start out slow at first, but if you bid a bit lower on jobs at first (stick with more simple jobs at the beginning) you'll be able to pick up work. This is a solid way to get a good portfolio started.

    Best of luck.
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    As NutraCash said:
    start creating a complete corporate identity for a demo customer.
    Create flyers, websites, brochures, business cards etc.
    If the design rocks and has a great consistent CI through all online and offline media you got your first great portfolio item to show off your talents.
    Also krockbro's tip to start with freelancing plattforms is a good idea to get going.
    Though in my opinion you should have at least a few images to show off your design skills.
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