How To start affiliate marketing using blogs?

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How To start affiliate marketing using blogs?
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    Ok so you've clearly haven't been reading this forum so much go to just about any post and you'll see tons of ways to do it.

    But for now here is a good place to start: Getting Started with Smart Passive Income: Passive Income 101
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    Affiliate marketing is a way to earn more money and promote many different brands without having to go out and form a relationship with each. Chances are you are already promoting products and linking to them. With affiliate marketing you can earn a portion of the sales you refer.
    Every blogger can create a page of their favorite resources and use affiliate links in the post (be sure to disclose that they are affiliate links though).
    Create Helpful Posts and Use Affiliate Links, You could do a post about your favorite plugins and include affiliate links to any paid ones. Many affiliate programs will allow you to promote products directly on social media.
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    1. Installed Wordpress on your own server, and watch a handful of free Youtube videos teaching your how to use Wordpress.

    2. Pick a niche that is profitable, and has good demographic. Then make a plan how your specifically going to monetize your blog. (Email list?, Direct Sale?)

    3. Pick a niche you understand, even if you aren't going to be making the content for the blog yourself, knowing the niche is key because you are quality control.

    4. Make your blog have a unique angle, and present the niche high quality information in a new way.

    5. Build your blog, and filling it with about 4 hours worth of content for people.

    6. Find a way to get your blog exposure. Find where people in your niche go to get info, and find a way to be there, making your presence seen. Typically this can be done for free with little work. This initial exposure will be the boost your blog needs when you are getting started.

    7. Keep adding new content into your blog.
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    Originally Posted by saranyasb View Post

    How To start affiliate marketing using blogs?
    I'm assuming you mean your own blogs? Greedy summarized it well. Also research seo to help to get more visitors
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