How to make $200/month from Adsense

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There are so many networks to make money online, but still Adsense is no doubt the best contextual ad network. I am inviting everyone to share their experience of how to make $200/month from Google Adsense and what all is required to achieve this target.
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    Hi There,
    Before earning 200 USD a month you must need to select a niche for which you can work. Then make a website and try to post 100% quality article in your site. And don't expect 200 USD in 1st month. Because you have lot to do before reach 200 USD a month.

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    Hmm- it's a curious question i see many people ask. Not mentioned you:-D
    I see you are also writing article on your blog about increasing adsense earning. That's good!
    I think you know that answer, how to achieve that!
    All you need is to create quality content and drive more traffic specially from search engines.

    One of my site gets about 1370+ traffic daily and earning 11-12 Dollars. Another is getting 2500+ traffic daily but earning less- 6-7 dollars daily. (Most comes from social sites)


    So, you need to focus more on targeted traffic and quality content.
    I think it is easily to reach that label if you know how to market your site and drive good targeted traffic!

    Internet Marketer since 3 years. Love to learn always and prefer to share knowledge with others!

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