Top Cpa Network adscendmedia scam or not?

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Hello, Friends my name is Raman Deep Singh Longia.
So let's start when i searching for top cpa network so i got adscendmedia, I have earned $500 in December 2014. I earned $500 because they told me if you earned $500 so we pay you in net-15 basis.

Date 15 January 2015 i ask to my account manager name Ilyssa Cohen for send payment on net 15 basis and she told me that "i need to get approval"

that's okay next day i checked my email account ban....... I was totally confused what happened with my account. Because i know when i start promoting offers than i ask to my account manager for checking my traffic quality and she was said it's okay.

Now i was searching on google "adscendmedia account ban" So i got some cases same thing happened with that guy "spenzo " "Post available on BHW. Now i thing that adscendmedia big scam network. But i did't get many negative reviews about this network and affpaying also get 158 "5" start rating. Which is a positive sign.

Now I was reading all replies of "spenzo" post of than i saw Jeremy_AM reply Who is he?he is another account manager of adscend media. He told all things and what's he did and why his account get banned.

I know that i am a honest person so than i collected all the information where i promoted offer and my sites stat which is receiving more than 50K visitors and conversation with Ilyssa Cohen (Account Manager). I made simple video and send to complaint department.

Also send to Ilyssa Cohen and at night i got msg on skype
"hi Raman... that is our policy, but when i went to get approval for NET15, your traffic was all fraud, that is why you were banned" But there is conclusion that when i start promoting so i ask that is my traffic is okay. Yes, it true she told me okay or maybe she did't checked.

After a long conversation she admitted it's not my mistake because she did't checked my traffic quality on December. She send an email to department.

And i next day i got email that is"Thanks for replying and sending the video. I see what happened now. The pop traffic made it look fraudulent because pop traffic isn't allowed and I didn't expect that. There is actually a note on the offer that says pop is not allowed. I'm going to reactivate your account but please do not use any pop traffic in the future"

Now Conclusion is adscendmedia is genuine network. And note it down when do you start promotion always ask to your account manager is your traffic good for his network, otherwise they will block you without any reason always keep in touch with account managers.
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