Can you just make a living promoting landing pages that links to offers?

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What I mean by that is you have an offer and you create a lander to presell it via ppv traffic the person buys and you get paid rinse and repeat. Or do you have to have a full blown blog to achieve success in Internet Marketing.
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    You can still use small simple landing pages with ppv
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    It is not necessary you need to have a blog to make it rain online, you can always create LP's and capture those leads and then market them with whatever offers you want to promote.
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    you don't need a blog, but note your Keyword Quality Score
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  • Yes, you can.

    However, most of the time you will not get your full ROI, just from a Thank You Page offer..

    It's better if you promote with a 7-10 part autoresponder aswell..

    In that case, yes!

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      You don't have to, but creating a blog and drilling down on a niche is a very wise idea...

      Content marketing in any internet marketing niche is the direction you want to go if you're serious about success. Do what "most" of your competition won't do, and you will have a much greater advantage. And not to mention the leverage and traffic you will gain from organic SEO, even if you're not ranking at the top.

      Also people instantly trust websites more when it's a full website, rather than just a landing page with a single link across the page that leads to another site. Not saying it doesn't work, because it does. But a blog is MUCH better and can create many more conversions for you.

      My blog is setup with a content based article that I drive traffic to, then I have calls to action that leads to my landing page about a specific offer, and then finally a link to the actual offer.

      I have done multiple 6 figures in income in 2014 by doing just this. It's been much more lucrative than just promoting landing pages alone.

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    Like others have list, there are many variation of this that can work.

    But in short to answer your question... Yes! I've don't it for many years, I do have some wordpress blog, but still make a lot of money making "simple" LPs that link to offers.
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