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by octoma
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Hello. long time reader:

I've noticed that my earnings with CrakRevenue is on a slippery slope downwards. I have a pretty decent site and at the high point I was making $1,500 biweekly with them. Now, for some strange reason, I can't break a $500 biweekly. All the traffic is the same or better but no improvements in earnings. Every couple of months I'm dealing with a new account manager and it seems like the service is getting worse (close shave). Take my latest conversation for example:

I get an email telling me i need to verify my site traffic and that he has some options for me to earn more. I'm now on my third new account manager. Ok I did this already a year ago but what the hell. Sent him details on traffic, now he wants to chat on skype.

So I contacted the new AM on SKYPE

Hello -----.
[11:00:03 AM] CR/AM: Hello ------, i'll be with you shortly
[11:10:53 AM] ME: ok
[11:40:33 AM] CR/AM: Hey! how are doing!
[11:41:04 AM] ME: Great, and you?
[11:41:21 AM] CR/AM: Pretty good!
[11:42:10 AM] ME: Are you taking over for --------?
[11:46:48 AM] CR/AM: Yes i am
[11:47:44 AM] ME: Ok.
[11:51:05 AM] CR/AM: Sorry, i had an improvised meeting!!
[11:52:23 AM] CR/AM: yes i'm replacing ------- as he is getting a little busy these days... :0
[11:52:56 AM] ME: Thats fine. What options did you have in mind for earning more money?
[11:55:10 AM] CR/AM: Well nothing yet.... lol! i'd like to take a look at your site.... is http://-------- is the only one?
[11:56:08 AM] ME: Yes.
[11:58:41 AM] CR/AM: ok i'll check it out and get back to you after lunch
[12:01:09 PM] ME: I went through this process already about a year ago. If we aren't negotiating new options for profit then, whats the reason for this audit?
[12:04:27 PM] CR/AM: well, i wanted to figure out possible optimisations... did'nt mean to disturb you.... no problems if you need help tell me ok?
[12:07:41 PM] ME: I'm not being harsh. I was just wondering what was going on. I thought that maybe CR already had info on my site.
[12:09:24 PM] ME: The email you sent me is pretty much the same line of questions I had to answer when I first started with CR.

!!The account manager Signs off!

How is this conducting business??
I ask you a question, you turn into a Brat and end the conversation like that?

To anyone who wishes to make some money; please pm me your referral link to a decent well paying Adult affiliate program. Getting tired of wasting time, traffic and money. Thanks.
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    I have heard of others having issue with them as well.
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    Hi Octoma,

    I'm Eric from CrakRevenue.

    First and foremost, I'm sincerely sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our network.

    We care about ALL our affiliates and we certainly don't want you to be left feeling this way..

    Regarding your AM, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation behind the abrupt or accidental sign-off.
    However, I can definitely understand how that can be frustrating.

    Octo, if you want to reach out to me directly - to fill me in on the whole story, that would be really helpful. We'll try our very best to get you back on track with your earnings, in addition to clarifying this situation with your Account Manger that went offline.

    Sending you a PM with my contact info!

    We'll get this figured out!

    Talk soon.

    - Eric
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    Yeah some of my friends have been complaining about this as well. Definitely not cool.
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    Hey guys,

    We might not be perfect, but the important thing is we're trying to get there!

    With that said, if any of you guys are having issues yourselves or otherwise - you can add me on Skype and I'll personally look into whatever issue it is that you're having during business hours.

    My Skype is Crak_Eric.

    We don't want you guys having issues!

    Although, I guess we're not doing too badly in the eyes of Performance Marketing Insider, though! Check it out!

    CrakRevenue was ranked as the 3rd Best Top Performing CPA Network of 2014.

    We must be doing something right!

    Then there's also the notable recognition from Blue Book Guide as a Top 20 CPA network in 2015 - thanks in huge part to our satisfied affiliates who entered our network's name down in mThink's Online Advertising Blue Book in response to survey questions.

    Once again, please reach out if you need anything!

    Thanks guys.
    - Eric
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      Hey Eric. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'll Skype you.
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    No problem at all, Octo. Sounds good!
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      I Started this post so, Fair is fair. I think I should end it in an informative way. (First) There was a misunderstanding about the request for more information. Its seems that an automated introduction goes out when a new Account manager is assigned. (second) Its shows good character on Eric's part to patiently explain their company's protocol. (last) As far as the new Account manager goes; He did, later, make an effort to contact me and assured me that he will work closely with me to get the best possible profits.

      Skype :

      AM: ok there's no problems.... actually it is a pre-made email we send to our affiliates to introduce us as managers..... i'm mainly here to assist you, i see that most optimisations had been made already by ------....

      AM: but sometimes i like to take a look myself see if i can improve a little more.... for now i thinks everything is fine the way it is don't hesitate to contact me for any help!
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