Really Struggling With Prosper 202 Tracking

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I was really hoping someone could do a walk through for setting up tracking on Prosper 202 with Max Bounty.

I've watched videos, read tutorials, asked individual questions on here and none of them make any sense to me and really want to make sure I have this right.

What i have in place now

A website with VPS hosting
A landing page for my offer
A Max Bounty account.
A Max Bounty offer to promote
A CPV Account with 50OnRed
Prosper 202 Installed

What I Have Done So Far On Max Bounty

Created a contextual link on Max Bounty and made my squeeze page redirect to this link when someone clicks on my "click here button"

What I Have Done So Far On Prosper 202

Not a lot, gone to Setup Page # 1 Traffic Sources added 50 on Red as the traffic source.

Next up ...Add Traffic Source Accounts and Pixels

Traffic Source... again I entered 50OnRed

Account Username... just put my name

Pixel Type .... don't have a clue

Pixel Code.... don't have a clue

Are these the sub ID things I can see on the Max Bounty offer page?? How do I generate them?

And thats as far as I have got, lol i have no idea how you guys figured this stuff out?

Maybe we could take it one setup page at a time. I'm sure it would be HUGELY appreciated by the Warrior Forum as the Prosper forums typically have about 1000 views for every 1 reply in the help section so know a lot of people are after this stuff

If someone can do this I will owe you big time!!

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