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by fvandy
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I received several emails today about Simple CPA Siphon. Has anyone on the WF bought it yet and if so, can you provide any feedback? Any OTOs?
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      OnSubie - I have done several searches but I don't see a review. If you see one I am missing, can you post a link?

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        The method shows you how you can create videos that get a lot of YouTube traffic by taking advantage of videos that are already there with lots of views. The method is relatively simple, looks to be fairly sound and won't require any outlay of cash to implement, though you can pay a few bucks on Fiverr to outsource some of the work.

        The product is a 16 page PDF that also includes links to a few videos that explain certain portions of the method in further detail.

        There are two OTOs:

        1. The first one shows you a video of the product creator running through his entire process so you can watch him do everything. You also get a list of 1000 "untapped" niches that you can least until everyone who bought the product starts to use them. $17

        2. The second OTO shows you how to outsource the work and gives you a list of specific resources you can use to do that. You also get a list of some 200 additional "untapped" niches. $27

        Each OTO also has a downsell that's basically the OTO without the bonus niches.

        While there are a few typos and a couple of sentences that are grammatically awkward, the method is pretty simple and straightforward and it's reasonably well explained within the 16 pages of the PDF. One nice thing about the method is that you can use it to promote pretty much anything. While they use a CPA offer in the book and in the product name, you can really use the method to get traffic to anything that you can promote using a YouTube video.

        Is it worth the $7 or so? If you do any marketing with YouTube, it's probably worth it, as it will probably get you a few more visits. Will it allow you to make fat bank? I doubt it, but then again, it's $7. If there's a $7 ebook out there that shows you how to earn tens of thousands, I've never seen it.

        My 2ยข.

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          I think Essmeyer did a good job of describing the essentials, it is like he says. I bought the product, it's one of those methods where you think.."how come I never thought of that myself, duh?"..It's actionable and laid out step-by-step, well explained. in the 16-page PDF You can apply the method to other promotions outside of cpa. I didn't buy the oto's and what annoyed me was that I had to register not once but twice to get to the product download.


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          Quick follow up for Essmeir - Have you made any money with this system?
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            I picked up the book just yesterday, so no, I have not yet made any money with it. I'm still trying to decide how to best put the method to work based on what I'm personally doing right now to earn money. Don't think of this as a money making system; think of this as a traffic generating system.

            If you can market something using a YouTube video, this system will almost certainly provide you with extra traffic to it, and from that, visits to your site or affiliate link or whatever it is you're trying to do to make money with the video.

            The book says "We used this method to drive traffic to a CPA offer and made $$$ with it." Yes, they did that, but the point of the method isn't making money with CPA. It's about a pretty simple (and cheap!) way to get A LOT of views on YouTube. In fact, the more popular the niche, the more likely you are to get traffic to your video.

            I'll say it again - IF you use YouTube videos to market anything at all, this method is probably worth the few bucks they're asking for it. You can use it to drive traffic to anything - a CPA offer, a Website, a Clickbank offer, an opt-in page.

            It's about getting relevant, targeted traffic. After that, it's up to you to figure out how to make money with it.
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              I also purchased yesterday and have already taken action as it was really easy to implement. I am on step five which concerns getting backlinks which I am not at all that knowledgeable about so this should be good for me to learn. So, far I like the product and the small price tag for a new idea (at least to me) was well worth it. I am not using it for CPA offer but rather to promote a product of my own. That is what I liked about the method you can use it for just about anything you wish to promote not just CPA.

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    yes man is a pdf
    show how to use youtube to promote cpa or clickbank offers
    check here

    demo of the product
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      I picked this up last week and did a video following the steps in the pdf (minus step 5) and my video was ranking number 6 on youtube searches on page 4 and rising. No I have not made money yet but in terms or ranking, it is pretty much solid (IMHO) although that is not the primary focus of the method.
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    Does anyone know if the $27 for the program is inclusive of the upsells? I saw in the threads the cost being $7.
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