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Please help me to joining cpa networks like & many others. I am submitted many application on many networks but all denied my application say that you don't know about Affiliate Marketing Methods. But i am also tell him the methods which i use like SEO, PPC, SMM.

But They denied my application. Please help me.
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    For peerfly read this - PeerFly Application Denied? What now?

    For the other, maybe just keep reading up and continue to learn about affiliate marketing and apply again
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    Make sure to be 100% honest when signing up with a network. Don't use a proxy or try and hide your country. Always email them explaining who you are, what you do and why you need them.
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    As far as i know once you get rejected by Clickbooth you cannot re-apply to their network for atleast 6 months it's because they are usually very picky about who they allow into their network. Peerfly is one of the easiest of networks to get into but make sure you dont fake it up in your application.
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    Use correct details where they asked and contact to their support team about your application. Explain more about your traffic in their message board. Might be it's work.

    One more thing never user proxy or cell information because there are some tools that can detect profile fraud.
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    Did you try with adscendmedia, they are very good and they approval rate is geniune, If you explain the plan to them you get approved easily.
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    I think that it is beneficial to say that you are going to do PPC (and it is effectively what you plan to do). Overall, I think that you don't want to appear to be someone who is only trying to get from the CPA network, you may want to tell them (and believe) that you are bringing something to the table. I agree with ChrisBac on the fact that getting more information about CPA and being familiar with the lingo may perhaps help.
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    Did you try commission junction?
    Managed & Unmanaged VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers
    Europe & USA by
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    Its really hard for an average guy like me to get accepted for these networks. I got rejected twice but in the end I made it with an Indian CPA network. They phoned me and asked me few questions and I answered them what I knew about.

    Honest and genuine answers will do the job. You must have the knowledge of what you'are doing.

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