Offline Scratch offs could convert like *crazy* if done right- you think?

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Custom made scratch offs direct to free CPA offers.

Has anyone had this idea before, or even implemented it?

Through searching for cheap printing services online, I found a site that will do custom scratch off tickets for about $.25 each, when you order a few hundred.

You could design a "Chance to win a $250 Gas Card" scratch off ticket, and of course, everyone would be a winner. They would be directed to your site which would redirect to one of the free gas card CPA offers.

Conversion rates would be sky high with this method, I think- most people would scratch them off, and once they see they are a "winner" I doubt many will throw the ticket away.

Given the low payout of such CPA offers, however, I'm still not convinced it would be profitable. 12% would be just about break even, and even then we're not taking into consideration distribution costs- just printing costs.

Anyone have any other ideas how custom scratch off cards could be monetized?
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    Oh come on, am I going to have to invest $100 and a half day's time all by my lonesome to test out this idea?

    If it ends up working, I'm coming back and charging you unresponsive people $197 in the WSO forum!:p
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    good idea, you should test it out.. very innovative.
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    Very interesting. Let us know your progress. Offline marketing with CPA can create killer profit!
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    Great idea. How would you distribute them? Thats the cost thats going to eat you up.
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    I agree, offline marketing is crazy profitable. Do like I have done with offline...

    Test yourself with a decent sample
    Once you know conversion data, outsource
    Pay school kids to distribute
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    This is as innovative as it gets. Instead of $1 CPA offers you can use this to promote some of the free trial $30 CPA offers....
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    You could do weight loss scratch off's....distribute them at gym's, etc..

    Everyone wins...and all they have to do is go to (or whatever) to claim their **** Weight Loss trial.
    AffiliIt Review - I am making serious bank. You can too!
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    I think its great... Sent you PM!

    Micah Rush

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