So my Commission Junction acount was Hacked, and my Identity Stolen

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Short version of the story:
My CJ account was hacked, account email any payment details changed somehow without me knowing, and commissions paid to someone somewhere that isn't me. I got a 1099 in the mail from CJ that says I earned taxable commissions. CJ says it is my problem, and to take it up with the IRS.

Slightly longer version of the story:
I haven't been an active affiliate marketer in a couple years, and my Commission Junction account was just sitting there inactive. I tried to log in out of the blue last year, but the CJ system told me the email address I had always used to log in was not associated with an active account. I assumed my account had been terminated due to the inactivity.

Fast forward to last week and I get a 1099 from CJ saying I earned taxable commissions in 2014. I immediately call CJ and reach a very nice woman that seemed to genuinely want to help me get this issue sorted out. After putting me on hold and consulting with their "Network Quality" team, she mentioned there could possibly be "legal action" against whomever stole my identity. I left the pone call confident I would get a revised 1099 with zero taxable income.

I was wrong.

In latest communication via their online support system I was told to take it up with the IRS. It seems that someone at CJ has decided that it isn't their fault that their system failed, my account was hacked, and my identity stolen.

My question is, do I have just cause to pursue legal action against CJ to get this resolved? If so, does anyone have a recommendation on someone who has experience in this field?
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    So CJ must have told you the residential address of the culprit? Also if the guy was running traffic were there any complaints with his traffic and how was he getting paid?

    I dont think it's their fault because the traffic was coming through your account and little did they knew it was your account that was hacked...if this problem would have been noticed when you would have let them know about this issue when the so called hacker started running traffic then i am sure they could have helped you.
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    No, they didn't tell me anything about the person who hacked my account, and the 1099 is all my information including my social security number and FEIN.

    I didn't know about the issue until I received the 1099. If I had known earlier I think it is fairly obvious I would have brought it to their attention immediately. Their system was compromised, not mine. They should have checks in place that raise red flags to suspicious account activity, especially when an account email and payment information suddenly change!
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    I would like to know how was the culprit getting paid?
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    I know this thread is a year old, but the same thing happened to me this year with Commission Junction. I received a 2015 1099-MISC even though I haven't done any business with Commission Junction since 2008. According to the customer service reps I spoke to, they were receiving a lot of phone calls from other people with the same issue.

    Unfortunately, Commission Junction will not do the right thing and issue a corrected 1099-MISC for $0.00. Instead, all I received was a carefully worded letter acknowledging the "identity theft".

    The reality is my account should have never been able to be reactivated in the first place. My account had been dormant for 7 to 8 years, and it clearly states on that an account that has been deactivated for dormancy for more than six months will need to contact client support to have the account reactivated.

    Apparently, hackers have found a way to compromise Commission Junction's system, and Commission Junction doesn't seem to want to fix this security issue. I would advise anyone reading this who has a dormant account with Commission Junction to contact them and have your account permanently closed.
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      Wouldn't you know it... it happened to me AGAIN this year. With the exact account number Commission Junction supposedly deactivated last year. Now, AGAIN, I have to go through the identity theft process with the IRS because Commission Junction absolutely refuses to help in any way, shape, or form. Commission Junction's customer support is absolutely disgusting. Basically their response is "it isn't our problem". I despise this company and would give up all the commissions I received from them many years ago, just to have never heard of
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    That's ridiculous that it happened to you again this year. It's appalling that Commission Junction refuses to help when it's clear that Commission Junction has a severe security vulnerability.

    Hopefully, I don't have to deal with this again next year. The letter I received in the mail from Commission Junction confirms that my account was shut down by CJ's Client Services department.

    In the letter, Commission Junction also told me that I should contact the IRS by completing the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039. However, after speaking with an IRS rep, I was told to complete Form 3949-A instead to report Commission Junction for suspected tax fraud activity.

    I don't know how long this has been going on, but as far as I'm concerned Commission Junction is complicit in this scam. Commission Junction is obviously aware of the security problem, but seemingly they don't care to fix it.
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