PPC vs PPV. Which one is best to promote CPA offers?

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Okay. Let me be straight. I've tested both.

The result of my testing goes to show that PPC is the best with reasons;

Better Targeted Traffic than PPV
Higher conversion rates than PPV
Start Up Capital is low.

I've even created a detailed blog post for that too.

So now I want to also know your take about this. Is PPC traffic better than PPV traffic when it comes to promoting CPA offers?

Please give reasons too.
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    I do not beleive that there is an appropriate answer to that question. If I had to answer I would say: it depends. In my opinion everyone can get good with PPC as well as with PPV. Both of them are lucratice traffic models, however they are pretty different when it comes to promotion.

    Some people says PPV is better other people say PPC is better. If I have to recommend something I would say that you should pick one traffic source and stick with it until you master it perfectly. That way you will be focusing on one and you will not get distracted.

    Of course it is also an important factor that which verticals are you promoting. For some verticals PPV is better than PPC and vice versa.

    You need to find out which one is closer to you and stick with it, do not bother other traffic sources.

    Just my two cents.

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    There is no real answer to this, both work and can work well. You can't compare them head to head as they are totally different. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

    IMO both can work very well.
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    Both of them are well if you know how to do your work. currently for me PPC is working well.

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    It depends on the offers you are trying to promote OP...normally gaming, email submits perform well with PPV traffic because the traffic is cheap and the users are mainly not willing to shell out money but with PPC traffic you can target just about any niche that one can think of. To make this work you need to target your demographics properly.
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    It depends on the type of offers. For me, PPC is difficult lol
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    PPV traffic you can buy in cheap and if you do right targeting, this may be more profitable in compare to PPC
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    Thanks very much for your wonderful comment but I want to cheap in something here.

    You see, PPC traffic when it comes to promoting CPA offers are very effective. I'm not saying PPV is not also effective when done correctly.

    But one very important thing you should note is that; With PPC, a person has to click the link. So before clicking on the ad, he knows what the offer might be.

    But in PPV, you'll be interrupted with pop-ups or pop-unders. Everybody web surfer hates those and that's why PPV traffic are stupidly cheap.

    Anyways those are my humble opinions.

    If you think I'm missing something here, then please do correct me.
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