Looking for Best Dating PPL Affiliate Program?

by verion
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Hi Warriors

As i have stable dating sources with high targeted traffic i have dedicated a lot of time searching over to the internet for "let say" the best and most stable dating network (non adult) that pay per lead consistently and don't get so much into consideration conversations from lead to sale ( note: this don't mean that my traffic sources does not convert ).

Mostly of the dating companies that i know, have an very limited budget regarding their pay per lead program, while the dating industry is exploding and the competition is very high but i don't understand why they have these limitations for who send quality traffic? Their justification is, oh your traffic is real but sorry the conversation rate to lead per sale is low, in this case i think that has to do something with their dating network right? Fake profiles or non active users, bad reviews etc etc..

I have try a lot of dating offers, some convert for first and second day and then drop down, some others have very bad C.R, some others have good C.R but they have much limitations.

Recently i have read good reviews related to eharmony.com affiliate program, i have try to reach them through e-mail because they don't have a sign-up form for affiliates into their site, but unfortunately i did not get any response for a long time! Maybe they are not accepting more affiliates or what?

So what is the best and most stable dating affiliate network or offer that's pay consistently?

Waiting for your valued suggestions my friends!

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    Hi verion,

    There are numerous Dating Affiliate Programs out there if you type "Dating Afffiliate Programs" into the Search Engine. However these programs usually do only take veteran Media Buyers who has many traffic with great conversion rate and traffic quailty.

    I would recommend you to first join a CPA Network which has some Dating offers to choose from. They are usually in direct connection with the Advertiser. You will always get paid by the network and you do not rely on the Advertiser's Payment Terms.

    If you are looking for good Networks that has great Dating offers, I would recommend you to check out: Maxbounty, Neverblue or even we have a wide variety of Dating offers to choose from.

    If you need more suggestions I would be happy to reply!

    World Leads - Exclusive CPA Network - High-Paying Mobile, Gaming & Dating Verticals.
    Homepage: https://www.worldleads.com
    Email: zoltan@worldleads.com
    Skype: zoltan_worldleads
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    The dating factory is a great turnkey system for anyone beginning in the dating industry. It's free to join and provides a white label solution for anyone who wants to run an online dating website online.

    The only thing you would really need out of pocket is a domain name. You can purchase one from 1&1.com for .99 cents for an entire year. Or you can use the free subdomain feature within the datingfactory website. But a solid domain is very professional and will allow customers and other business owners on how serious you are about your business.

    They also have great articles on marketing and expanding your brand, how to threads, your assigned an affiliate manger in order to assist you with your business and more. All for free.

    This really is a great business platform for anyone looking to get started in online business. Dating is one of the most lucrative businesses online and if you find a niche and location that no one has really taking hold of yet, you might just become the next internet millionaire.
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    Match.com is a worldwide online dating site. The site is still growing fast, largely because of their ambitious affiliate program. Match.com has excellent conversion rates and you will be able to turn your traffic into cash quickly.
    E-mail: nirali@adattract.com
    Skype: nirali.adattract
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      Originally Posted by Nirali View Post

      Match.com is a worldwide online dating site. The site is still growing fast, largely because of their ambitious affiliate program. Match.com has excellent conversion rates and you will be able to turn your traffic into cash quickly.
      Match.com does not offer PPL.
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    Was browsing through offers right now at clicxy they started adding tons of dating offers which I'm personally not a big fan of. check them out
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    CPA network's like MaxBounty always have numerous dating campaigns to choose from with varying features. This gives you the ability to test numerous offers to see which convert best for you and your strategies. Definitely an option you should look at it if you want to get into the dating niche.
    Increase your revenue and earn a $1000 bonus as a new affiliate at MaxBounty.com!

    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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    I'd personally suggest doing both PPS and PPL. You could actually do both if you wanted to really. Do you capture the data of push directly as an affiliate? If you save the data then I'd suggest mailing them offers or posting to other applicable sites.
    Have dating traffic or pick up artist niche traffic and looking for a new product to promote? 75% Affiliate Commissions $25plus per sale minimum

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    CPA Networks for dating offer - PPL:
    A4D, NeverBlue, AdSimilis, ClickDealer, MundoMedia, Society Invite, PeerFly, F5 Media, and MaxBounty.
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    Plenty of dating offers all ripe for promotion at JoinPeerfly.com many with excellent commissions.
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    have you try creating your own brand dating site ? it's usually the best route these days ~
    India Casino Affiliate - Best Casino Affiliate Programs in India
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    Affiliate2day, - good CPA network both for PPS and PPL offers. only 2% C.R is needed to get payment
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