Tired of JUNK Ad Networks..

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Why is it hard to find an AD serving network that does not keep rotating in redirects, pop ups (even though expressedly not allowing those) and junk / Trojan or misleading ads?

I have tried a bunch of them over the past 12 months and nothing but JUNK.

(I know adsense, but due to my genre they banned me, so screw them.) Currently using Lijit/sovrn but their fill rates suck at about 25%.

Contextweb after 8 months of nice income decided that my website was not interested by their advertisers (total BS) and asked me to stop using them.

Just soo frustrating.. I run a perfectly fine and legal Firearms and Hunting, Politics related site with a ton of traffic and it is highly under utilized money wise.

At least Buysellads is working out well and local advertisers.

Latest disappointments :

lijit/Sovrn : Good ads (sometimes a few bad ones get through though), decent CPM, very low fill rate, counts about 30% of actual requests/impressions vs verifiable GA data.
EPOM : total crap ads. Almost 100% redirects on Mobile devices, horrible CPM
Buysiteads : seems to be run by one or two people. Never answers questions, site seems buggy (by their own words) trying to add a site for approval.
Clicksor : pop-ups and tons of redirects .
Chititka : low CPM that starts to build up, but pop-up ads, fake links, download links to junk and spam/viruses.
smowtion : low cpm, lots of junk ads with fake links to downloads and trojans
Avantlinks : proved sales, but got no credit / income from them, so bad in my book.

I will be testing ADbrite, maybe bidvertiser when I feel persuaded to.
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    Yeah besides adsense all the rest is junk.. why don't you give CPA offers a go?
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    You could probably find a bunch of offers on Clickbank that would be relevant to your site. Grab the banners and see what does best.

    "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."

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    Given your market you'd be better off doing CPA or researching sites to be an affiliate for.
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    Well, your niche is quite controversial, no wonder adsense didn't accept it...
    Have you tried CPA or even selling ad space?
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