Where do you get offers? From Ad-network? Or direct advertiser?

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I want to ask this question for a longtime. Some people tell me, from ad-network, there may be a cut of my earning;and some tell me that I can only get their own product to promote from directadvertiser.

So where do you get offers? Are there anyplatforms both Ad-network and direct advertiser?

And my friend tell me that UC Union is thiskind of platform but I didn't have a try, so is it true?
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    Most of the time I run my campaigns through the affiliate network but once I start gaining traction...I try to find the advertiser using their websites who.is information and try to get hold of them. It's not that easy getting hold of the advertiser as they don't want some random publisher hit them up promising en number of leads. You need to prove your traffic quality with the affiliate network first and then approach the advertiser with your traffic stats.
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      but how do you get more traffic or higher quality from Ad-network,and yesterday I went to UC Union,and find there is a pattern of traffic-traffic exchange,so should I take a try ?
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    If you're just starting out, use an affiliate network. Once you are making a fair bit of money and cash flow becomes less of an issue, then consider going direct to the merchant.
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    Many of our publishers do exactly as mentioned - start building up traffic inside the network and then get in touch with advertiser. The problem is, as mentioned by AravGupta - not all merchants want to deal with affiliates on individual basis.

    Hence, most people we work with combine both direct partnership and working though the network (some times with multiple networks).

    Who reads signatures anyway?

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    First you should sign up with affiliate networks, when you are starting affiliate managers can be helpful..
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    99% people go with CPA networks at first, later when you have high volume and quality traffic you can go direct with the advertiser.

    Best regards,

    CPA Beyond

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    All the above posts are true, you need to go with affiliate programs, once you started gaining amount contact to the merchant and similar merchants to get more profits from them.

    Some merchants contact to you directly, so traffic is more important than the merchant contacts.
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    I would perosnally suggest you to start promoting offers through CPA Networks at first. Once you have a decent income from that offer and can bring a huge volume, you might want to consider going direct with an advertiser.
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    1- If you are good in offer selection and you know which offer is hot in the market these days then it is another story, but as you are saying you are just about to start your journey then remember this that merchant will never tell you about his offer if it is converting good or not and on which traffic source it is converting good, while your affiliate manager of cpa network will guide you in it and will tell you which offer is hot these days and on which traffic source so you'll move in a better direction as compared to working directly with the merchant.

    2- It is easy to reach to your AM any time when they are available and they help you to run your offer while in merchant case, most of the time they won't have time to give you again and again and most of them will not help you in running your offer.

    3- You can run offers from cpa network even if volume of your conversions is low while advertiser won't work with you until you'll show him that you already have volume for his offer or atleast you have to satisfy them

    4- You can get paid on weekly basis with affiliate networks (which pay on weekly basis) while 90% of the merchant work on net-30.
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    Originally Posted by moneymore View Post

    So where do you get offers? Are there any platforms both Ad-network and direct advertiser?
    I usually get my own direct-deals going but a the moment I usually only deal with the private networks as the payouts are much higher than the public ones.I used to get my own merchants as well which is quite tricky, but you still need to do your homework of which products are worthwhile promoting while still being able to squeeze out a profit margin.

    But I usually research the market before I decide on any kind of offer anyway, but as pretty much all my campaigns run in the financial market that kind of narrows it down, so whenever you listen to the radio or watch TV ads you know what's hot straight away as the merchants spend big money on advertising. You can then use a bit of PPC brand bidding to your advantage

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