The Adsense CPC Mystery

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Hi Everyone,
Thats my new post and im already asking for some help

I have an Entertainment/humor/celebrities/animals blog.
and it has around 15K page visits a day so far. Pretty good.

I have adsense implemented, and showing 3 ads per day. recommended sizes, and places.
Users are staying 3 minutes+ at least 2 page views per visitor and CTR is 1.2%

I have checked almost every point there is for optimising Adsense CPC and the most i get is 0.07$ per Click. Which is terrible.

Can anyone standout and be able to pinpoint what is the problem with my blog ? Id be so grateful and would love to help in any possible way.

Here's my blog: Epic Virals - Your Daily Escape of Entertainment

I have enough US Traffic with good CTR, good quality visitors, tried A/B testing ad units. (sizes and locations) Got enough backlinks, good site authority, google page speed insights is giving good value for both mobile and desktop. Nothing seems to be wrong, but i am assuming that my blog is showing Public ads because of some reason and that is why the CPC is terribly low.

Thanks for your help,
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    If you had the titles and links to your article the same color as your adsense that would help.

    I also encourage you to study how other companies in similar niches do their adsense ads, and how they have designed their websites, right now your website is very popular, but it really don't flow in a way that direct your visitor's eyeballs towards the ads.

    You do have a design problem. Also, adsense might not be the most profitable way to monetize your site. You should check out Peerfly and MaxBounty and split test until you find the CPA that works best for your niches (You need to test CPA offers for each category of your site, or else you will leave money on the table.)

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    Hi SEOexpertSEO,

    thanks your your input !
    Heres what i think,
    Concerning the colored text ads that looks like my blog, ive tried several a/b testing experiments and found no better than the default.
    More over, i have looked at other conpanies in the same market to find that they are usijg same ad spots as i am. I am using one leaderboard above eqch article, and 2 medium rectangles inside the content.
    ( for example.

    So i dont think my ad locations and my ad units type is such a huge problem, ofcourse they could be optimized better but i dont see how that would increase my cpc from ~0.06$ to 0.2$

    My design is very similar to many entertainment blogs, and my CTR is fine (1.2%) so i dontbeleive the terrible cpc i have is due to that either.

    Maybe you are right about adsensenot being the roght adnetwork for me, although some conpetitors are using adsense (again, but it might be that my demographic or content is a bit differentand its not clicking with adsense.

    I have never heard of peerfly or maxbounty. Do you suggest using them ? What is the wverage cpc expected from them ?
    Thanks for your input n help
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      Awesome amount of facebook followers and visitors to the site.

      Can I ask how you built the page up to get so many daily visitors?

      If adsense is not working out, I would look at rotating a few different CPA offers until you find one that converts.

      If you are getting a heap of mobile traffic maybe a mobile game install?
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    Yep, will try some CPA offers.

    well, I got my followers on fb from posting regularly ! ( over24 times a day)
    and some fb Ads ! Was getting likes for 0.02 from US and for 0.005 from some countries like india philipines, Pakistan

    pretty low.
    Concerning the website traffic its mainly from facebook page, and people are starting to come back because im making sure the content is great ! check it out and lemme know
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