Who is making money with adsense these days?

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The first money I made on the Internet was through Adsense. I used a method from a report I bought to utilize trends. I thought it was going to be easy to make money this way and I went at it full steam. After this though I didn't make anymore money with Adsense. I posted blogs and tried some other things, but Adsense really seems to be hit or miss.

When I looked at my analytics from the money I made that first time, it took thousands of visitors for me to make little over $8.00. So I would have to get thousands of visitors a day to make any real money with Adsense. It doesn't seem worth it. I'm curious to know if anyone is still making money using them. What's your method/system? I don't want to give up on this model.
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    unless you " play dirty "

    I use to buy one WSO here...seller claim twitter will not ban the API
    but after some happy moments one day I receive an email from twitter comment they have ban that API ..thus my biggest earning from adsense vanish ...

    the WSO is call twitter app.

    is calculate how much your twitter account worth ..

    I believe some bros like me here who always lurking here should know about this WSO.

    sadly the seller never give support after than and gone in the dust...
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    Still i am making money from Adsense and affiliates. Just quality content and regular basic update help me to make money blogging.
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    Originally Posted by pheonix44 View Post

    What's your method/system? I don't want to give up on this model.
    Control a lot of legitimate traffic relevant to the content on your site(s), put the right size units in the right places, and keep driving traffic every single day.

    You never specified exactly how much you would like to be making with Adsense (which would be helpful not just for people in here who can help you, but mainly for yourself as if you don't have a goal to aim towards you are just headed towards nothing), but in most cases, it will take thousands of visitors per day for the revenue/income to be impactful in your life.

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    Below are tips, tricks, suggestions, and resources to help you get more out of AdSense. The only thing you need is better planning and execution, hard work, determination and passion for blogging about your topic or niche. Cost-Per-Click is the revenue you earn each time a visitor clicks on your ad. CPC is usually determined by the advertisers. In some competitive niches like finance, marketing, online products etc. advertisers may be willing to pay more per click than others. Might it helps you.
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    It's not the same game it used to be years before. Now you need to be a lot smarter. I remember, I was super excited after getting free adsense course from Empire flippers but found out that non of the techniques work anymore!
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      Originally Posted by Jbarzok View Post

      It's not the same game it used to be years before. Now you need to be a lot smarter. I remember, I was super excited after getting free adsense course from Empire flippers but found out that non of the techniques work anymore!
      That's not exactly true.

      The things that are still valid/useful from our guide:
      • KW Research + Niche Selection
      • Content sources + strategy
      • Working with VA's / Outsourcing

      Things that are no longer valid:
      • Any linkbuilding tactics/strategies
      • Over-optimizing for specific keywords (need to tone that down)
      • Repeatable process for building 5-10 page sites

      There are still nuggets that are valuable, but you shouldn't follow the process step by step any longer, IMO.
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    Been earning $550 per month consistently over the past 2 years or so. That's over 11 different niche websites and 2 authority sites. Getting ranked on 1st page of Google key.
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    Me and a few guys just started dabbling in content sites a few months ago. Our goal was to see if we could turn a profit from adsense, driving traffic solely from fb. It's been a bit of a struggle, but we've managed a 110% - 130% ROI on average. Sometimes we lose a little bit, but overall it's successful.

    We're driving traffic from South America since we're able to get clicks for less than a 1/4 of a cent. Averaging 10 page views per visitor and we're in the green. It's been getting harder to keep the clicks down though. Within 2 months, we're ranked <500 on Alexa for Brazil and Argentina.

    I haven't played a huge roll with this site, it was more of my partners project, but I wanted to share our results, and let people know it's still possible to drive paid traffic and turn a profit from adsense (because I never would have thought it was)

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    From my experience, if you want to INCREASE YOUR INCOME with ADSENSE, you need to do at least THREE of the following

    1) Get US/UK traffic - Adsense advertisers pay more from T1 countries - The UK and US are the top tier of T1 countries.

    2) Focus on page views - if you only have one page, you only have one bite at the apple so to speak. If you break up a nice post into different pages where the viewer has to click the 'NEXT PAGE' button, you get more views and you increase your likelihood of getting a click.

    3) Focus on the right niches - Niches are not created equal. Some niches pay MONSTER RATES like $20+ per click. While others pay pennies. You might be excited about a niche but if it pays too little per click, you're not going to get maximum RETURN ON EFFORT

    4) Keep experimenting with your theme - your theme should make your ads easier to click. Ever notice the way the themes of sites which advertise using native ads layout their adsense ads?
    There's a GOOD REASON for that.

    They get clicks! Especially if Google shows mobile-friendly ads that look like next page arrows.

    Here's an example

    Again, implement 3 of the above and you should be fine.
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    Yeah if your niche site isn't on page one your not going to be making much money from niche websites, ultimately you want the top 5 or 3 spots that get descent search traffic 2500+ PM.

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    At the starting I have also made money with Google Adsense. But I think Adsense is not suitable for all kinds of website. They have a lot of rules and regulation. Then I switch to other Ad networks. I have already worked with Chitika and Infolinks. Now I am working with PropellerAds. I am making good amount of money with them.
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    Adsense is not paying so much to their affiliates. It's time to move to CPA industry because it's converting well now a days. And people are getting much more amount with it as compare to ads like adsense.

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    My first online earning was from adsense back in 2007 when it was the main source of earning money online. Now it's been more than a year I even logged in to my adsense account.
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