Not really a niche, but a niche. What is right for me?

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Hi guys and girls

This is my first post here, so sorry if anything sounds stupid or has been asked a million times.

I am running the website Deadliest Catch Fans - News and More | It has started as a simple Deadliest Catch (TV series) community but has become peetty much a go-to site for fans of the show.

Ti have started using adsense a while ago to cover server costs and such (which actually works better than I expected).

Now I am thtinking: this really isn't a niche any advertiser would pay a lot of money for, if there is one at all. So all the served ads would user interest based and nothing contextual. Am I right?

Do you suggest sticking with adsense and getting low CPC? Or would I be better off with another system to get some bucks out of my site?

Cheers for your suggestions!

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    Not really a niche, more a micro niche. I like your site. When I visited the Ad words ads were very low relevancy - aerial maps and an internet marketing course, however, great that they're doing better than you expected. Your invitation for fans to click on them to help support the site probably helps. This maybe a long shot, but could there be a link to a fish recipe book offer in the Norwegian Fisherman's Diet post for instance? You have a nice 'shut up and fish' shop. Just brainstorming - really could there be links to survival advice (ebook) or survival gear in the Survival Ideas post?
    Banner ads? No I don't think so either.
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    That is a pretty specific niche but I think there are still some ads/offers that could be successful with your site.

    Have you thought about signing up to any CPA networks? At MaxBounty we have some online TV/streaming campaigns that could potentially be a match with users who visit your site since they're passionate about TV shows. We also have a couple offers where users can enter to a 65'' television.

    Just a couple ideas off the top of my head. If you're interested feel free to apply to MaxBounty by heading to the link in my signature. You can also PM me if you have any other questions.

    Increase your revenue and earn a $1000 bonus as a new affiliate at!

    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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    If you are not making money with Adsense you likely will not make money with something else. It is always worth a try, but I think something fundamental on your site needs to be changed.
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    I would def do something to increase your income. I have you considered cpa offers?
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    Hi all!

    Thank you very much for your replies.
    Joe Ferguson: I will sign up and see how that works. Never tried before

    Mark mazza: Actually, Adsense is working pretty well for me. Usually making pretty decent XXX EUR each month.

    I will give MaxBounty a try and see if it outperforms adsense


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