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We released a new health offer, and I'm wondering where I should go to get health affiliates interested. It's a great converting campaign, engages the end user from the beginning and is converting like crazy.

So...when you have a good offer like this, in the health realm...where do you go to introduce people to it? I work for The Offeratti Network, so obviously I have my usual affiliate base, but I am ALWAYS looking for more quality publishers; and this isn't your average health offer...

Any ideas would be wonderful...thanks!
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    I think you shouldn't concentrate on health affiliates as such. Good affiliates don't mind what niche it is, as long as it makes them money. Just go to the regular places like clickbank, paydotcom etc. You could try putting it into CPA networks too.
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    Actually, after just looking at I see your question. Apologies, I thought you meant something else.

    In this case, I would join offervault. They have a huge number of subscribers (all affiliates) and when a new network joins they get notified. Also, when you release new offers and it takes interest of affiliates then this is a gold mine.

    Also, with your merchants site, tell them to include an affiliates page and include some banners and info on there. Provide info on how the affiliate obtains the link (through your site) and this should encourage a few more affiliates to your site.

    I hope it works out for you.

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    OT: Are advertisers allowed to sign up to multiple ad/affiliate networks to have their product promoted? Why wouldn't they do this?
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